Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Super Awesome Lesson vs. The Chicken

Dear Dad,

100? Dang, that is hot. We go by Celsius here, but I go by how much I'm sweating! 

So Jack finished Baseball and Jake's about to start football? Any pictures of Jack playing? I want pictures of both of them! 

Austin's starting at Sierra? I'll ask him about that in a bit, and about his car apparently too. I guess if he needs it you could sell it to him. So much for keeping the speakers and radio out of Danger... He'll probably kill them. 

I saw the pictures of the playhouse, It looks nice! What'ts the size? It looks like roughly 8x8.

Scout camp! I actually kind of miss those. Especially when I was junior staff that one year. Only one hour? That'll be good for them. I think we've driven past there going to Reno, right? 

You started using Preach My Gospel? Good, It'll be a great start for the young men. I'm still trying ot get the language completely down. I get it for the most part, but every now and then there are still things I don't get. But I know I'm getting good at the language when It's easier for me to explain something to Elder Cano in Ilonggo instead of English. All the foreign missionaries actually kind of lose English, and I just started... So it'll be fun coming home!

No, Not yet. I'm thinking I'll get it when I go to Zone Conference. 
No transfers, transfer day is July 2.
No new food, just the same old stuff.

Missionary experiences? Yea, it happened yesterday actually. Elder Cano and I were teaching one of our investigators and we were outside because it was less hot there. We were teaching a super awesome lesson, and we were so focused on what we were doing that we didn't realize that the chicken that was right above us had totally pooped on us. It was extremely gross. I guess that counts as the funny thing too.  

Thanks for the update. I havent checked my account since last week, and its annoying because it shows my balance in pisos (i found out its spelled with an "i" not "e") so I have to do some math to figure out what it is in american money. But our supporet increased so I think we should be good for now. We're kind of low, but we should have enough to make it till next week (support comes in on the 1st and 16th of every month)

That's about all I have, I gotta go write mom now.

Elder Archuleta

Dear Mom,

The school schedule here is weird. School ended like when I got here, and it just started back up like last week. I miss little Zoe, It'll be weird because when I get home she can actually like.. talk and stuffs. Weird. Literally nothing new. We've just been working with our investigators like crazy so we can get them baptized! Thats about it. I told my fun thing for the week to dad :D There aren't really any pictures from this week, Maybe one or two. 

Domenick says he might be getting his papers this week. I was laughing so hard when I saw that. But the one random old dude was totally creepy though. He was photobombing.  

I'll try to look for some pictrures.. Elder Cano likes to grab my card reader and sd card before I do... So we're waiting on him! 

Other than that, Nothing else to say really. I got laundry and shopping for today, thats about it. I'll try to take more pictures.


Email conversation while waiting for pictures: (Bear with us...we love to re-read EVERYTHING he has to tell us.)

Elder Archuleta:
Still waiting on Elder Cano.  What time is it?  I left my watch at home.  I am getting a tan line from it.
It's 8:25 pm here.
Elder Archuleta:
Oh!  I thought it was 11 or 12.  The computer here is wrong.  It says it's almost 5.
Nope!  It's still light outside and it's still hot...92* or 33*C.
Elder Archuleta:
It gets dark here at like six.  Then again when I wake up it's already light outside.
That's too early to get dark!  I bet that's hard to get used to.
Elder Archuleta:
Someone borrowed my card reader...I think it was Elder Morgan.
It's actually not that bad.
What???  Take some pictures of the Internet cafe you are in then...and send it to me ... TODAY!
Elder A:
It's not a's literally a room with computers in it.
Mom:'s somewhere I will never be so send me a picture of it...and all the Elders you are with!
Elder A:
Well you never know...the other week one of the departing elders had his parents come pick him up.
I saw pictures of that!  It was Elder Wilstead, right?
Elder A:
Yep.  He was one of the AP's when I got here.  He was cool.
Yeah, so maybe we will come pick you up.  It will depend on a lot of things.
Elder A:
It would be cool.  I could kind of show you around and stuff, so yea.
It would be really cool.  We would love to be able to.  Too far away to think about now.
Elder A:
Yea.  I'm not even at my 6 month mark, let alone going home.
It still seems like just yesterday you guys were dropping me off.  Elder Cano likes to make fun of me for how long I have (since he goes home in September) but it doesn't bother me because the time already goes by super fast for me.
Like right now....he's making fun of me now.
Almost five months gone.  It makes me so proud.  Please....take lots of pictures.  Even like right now!
I feel that way too.  Like my baby just left.  Sniff sniff.  I just love talking about you being on a mission.
Hahahahaha!  He is the best first companion for you!
Elder A:
Hahaha.  I'm almost 20 (eww! I'm almost 20)...I'm not a baby.
Nooooooo!!!!!  Shhhhh...we don't talk about numbers.  You are my baby boy...with the cute fuzzy hair.  Always with one sock ...and ALL THE TIME!!!  I love you so much.
Elder A:
I've stopped crying.  But the one sock thing still happens occasionally and my hair is like forever like that, even if I had a silver hair the other day.
PS...I'm almost 20.
Also, I like to look at my blog and see what you do to it, and I saw the spork picture.  It says; This is Kevin.  He is a spork.  This is the hammer of Thor, but it has the power to shoot bacon at peeps.
You said you would didn't, so I guessed.  I will make the correction.
Elder A:
Cool. I gotta go, Peace off! *toby boop*


A member made this for us.

Dinner the other day (ill explain next week im almost out of time)

Angels hamburgers... for 24 pisos you get 2 and they are BOMB.

This week I'll work on taking more pictures. Also, I was thinking of having you send me a flash drive so I could download talks and hymns to listen to!

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