Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I got my package last week! Woo! (June 15, 2014)

So everything is okay here. Nothing really new has been happening. We haven't had a baptism in a while because none of our investigators go to church! D: Slightly aggravating... But it's okay. I got my package last week! Woo! Elder Cano and I totally destroyed the SPK and the Mangoes within two days... Rather sad actually. But totally diggin the ties! I'm gonna be wearing them to Zone Conference tomorrow. Sometime today though Elder Cano and I will be making dat cheesecake later today. Also Elder Cano loved my picture book, he wouldn't stop looking through it. 

Yea I heard from him! We were both wanting him to come here, but I guess he needs to go to NY for some reason. He'll find out why eventually! I'm still trying to figure it out why I'm here, but my teachers at the MTC said they didn't really know why until they were almost done.. So we've got a year to wait. 

Elder Cano hasn't snagged my card reader yet so I'll get some pictures in

Elder Archuleta

This is Adobo (I've probably sent pictures of it before, but this is Elder Cano and I's "Secret Ingredient Adobo") and I made thus :D  Elder Cano was so proud.

Our branch had a play on Saturday and it was REDICULOUSLY funny (although it was not in English...so it was kind of hard because they were speaking like extra fast.

Mom:  Love it all!  Send more picturessessesss please!  
Elder A. :  but I didn't really take many, we've been busy and I've been forgetting (#mishprobs)
Mom:  No hashtags!  Okay...I am sure you could find something...I hope I hope I hope
Elder A. :  #icanmakehashtagsifiwant  Did you sell Danger?
Mom:  Not yet.  I have no pictures of YOU.
Elder A. :  because I don't take selfies.  That's what Elder Cano does.
Mom:  But you should.  I needs to see yo face.  Well, your grandma especially yells at me for your not sending pictures of you.  I would take a few Elder Cano selfies.
Elder A. :  "yo face". Happy?
Mom:  No, literally, yo face.
Elder A. :  yo face, literally :D
Aha!  Here, I is in this one.  This was us at the play, and the sister is a member of the other branch (it was a combined branch thing) so yea.

Mom:  Stahhhp.  Thank you for the one picture of you and Elder Cano and some random branch person.
Elder A. :  Grandma doesn't yell at me, she just sends me pictures if batman and tells me what's going on in Mona.
Mom:  Well, she yells at me!  You gotsta get better at the pictures.  For reals.
Elder A. :  fine, I will consider taking more pictures of me....
Mom:  I just love you and NEED TO SEE YOUR FACE! 
Elder A. :  You've seen it for the past like 19 years....
Mom:  Aww, that makes me sad because I haven't seen it in months!
Elder A. :  Well, it hasn't changed.  Scratch that, it has.  It's just not as chubby.  I am going to weigh myself tomorrow to see how much weight I've lost!  I'm excited!
Mom:  This just happened.
Austin (and Zoe) blowing out candles on his birthday cake!

Elder A. :  Also, I has a request.  So tomorrow is Zone Conference, and it's like rather expensive to go to Bacolod and back, so I might withdraw from my card so Elder Cano and I have money.  Did Austin get a haircut?
Mom:  How much are you going to take out?  Yes he did!  I cut it!
Elder A. :  It looks good!  What is the equivalent of like $15?  So if I take out 1000 php it's $22, and with that we can go to Bacolod, eat, and come back home no problems.
Mom:  Okay, the cost is you taking many pictures of you, your surroundings...like where you walk or ride, you on a tricycle, the area you are in.  Only then will you be allowed to take out money.  Did everything make it in your package?
Elder A. :  Yes, everything made it!  I wasn't expecting like 30 pens and 7 sharpies and 2400 sticky notes (12 pad with 120 notes each) though.  Send the colored pencils though!  

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