Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm doing things baliskad


So I figured that since I kind of don't have a lot to say I'll just start with the pictures. :D (Which means I attached them to this email AND attached them first before I wrote this email) 
 1. So this is something a member made for me. I'm not sure if I've sent a picture of it before. It's basically like a little chandelier type thing made out of shells, beads, and a coconut shell. It's cool. :D
2. This is what my area looks like. The sky has been gray lately (because I think the other rainy season is coming soon?)
3. Random Selfie (With my companion halfway photobombing.)
4. A box of fruit. A member from Elder Lacdao's former area sent this to us. :D

... Well technically it's 3pm, Monday September 28, 2015. #Technicalities

So for the past week things have been slow. Last Wednesday we went to interview for the E.B Magalona Elders (The one's in my former area). Words cannot describe (Or maybe I just cant due to my level of English) the feeling of interviewing one of your former investigators for baptism. And it was the WHOLE family. I was over-joyed. :D

So for date of going home, I finally know it. However, it means I will not be spending yet another Christmas with you at home. But I will be home for New Years! :D It's gonna be crazy and what nots, but I go home Dec. 30, 2015. (Elder Cook, Makakita kita sa Manila ulit! Puli na ta!) So apparently I will be able to call home again for Christmas (which would be rather funny honestly.) Other than that, I will just be working here until I go home. 

Well, that;s pretty much it for this week. See you again next week! 

P.S Next week is transfer day so there is a slight chance that I might be getting transferred. I don't know yet, I'll know on Sunday if I am. 

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

Monday, September 21, 2015


Sometimes I email my parents but dont say too much in it #ThugMormon #ThugElder

Haha. About died from moms email. (#ThugMormon was the topic)

So this past week, not a whole lot happened. The other two elders got sick. so there were various exchanges done so work was done in both areas. I spent a lot of time with Elder Williams, which was nice since he got transferred this morning #MishLife.

Well.. About that goal about taking more pictures... Working on that. Since we were on sick watch, kind of didnt have much to do, so I caught up on my Old Testament reading... The O.T times were serious. Like Hey-he-sinned-let-me-nail-his-head-to-the-ground-so-he-wont-do-it-again kind of a deal goin on. Its a really interesting read. 

WEll, I think I'll do pictures now.

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

I sent him a few more in a second email...this one he responded to separately:

Came home from mission, walked off the plane, Mom raised Boom Box blaring "Eye of the Tiger" band didn't complain. #ThugMormon

To which he replied:

Please do that last one for me.

Mom:  hahaha....The Eye of the Tiger...really?

Elder A. : Yes

I can't deny him this, so ... #NextiTunesPurchase  #SurvivorEyeOfTheTiger   #ElderArchuletasWalkOffMusic 

PICTURES!  (I pleaded for more pictures with him in them and not food, or pictures of his area.  I suppose we will take one out of 3.)

 The night sky here. :)

I may or may not have accidentally flooded the apartment for 20 minutes... :D 

EXTRA FAT BACON!!! Really don't know why there is always bacon. But it was crunchy outside and soft inside (but still thoroughly cooked!) 

Monday, September 14, 2015


Well, this week has been a drain. #LowBattAkoTalaga

Haha. Well, it's been tiring because Elder Lacdao and I have been absolutely SMASHING this area. In the good way. This area is rather notorious in our zone for having some of the lowest numbers, but I think that's why I've been here and why the Zone Leaders will be here from now on. Unlike some certain Zone Leaders who don't fully understand the responsibilities that they hold, but we don't hold grudges against them. We just continue to be an example and do what is right. :D #GotYourBack

So after all that has been said and done, I would like to report the following:


(Second email):

And I totally failed and hit SEND.. So just deal with it.

I was gonna make a video this morning, but decided not to just in case I couldn't send it. :D But happy birthday Mom :D

I really don't have much to say lately. I come home soon enough that honestly I could probably just actually tell it to you guys. #3MonthsNalang!


Here is some food I've been making. I've also been keeping a cookbook for all this, so I can cook it when I get home. Although I will need you to check all the Asian stores to see if they have some of the stuffs I need. There's another picture of me with BACON, something called Pacbet (with Bacon...... ) [In Tagalog it's technically Pinakbet or something like that] and a soup thing Elder Williams and I created.. So currently it has no name. :D But this week things are actually calming down a bit, so a goal I have is to actually take pictures. :D (Now?  He decides now to take more pictures?)

Monday, September 7, 2015

My fellow peeps

Well hello there once again. Last time we left off, not a whole lot had happened. SO in this weeks adventures.... I'm not really sure. I'll see what I got. 

So here we have some of our water containers...It takes forever to fill them up (well not really, like 20 minutes at most). Bust because 'MURICA and stuffs, here we have one filling another while filling another one! :D IT actually only took like 35ish minutes! 

Here we have the actual "Trunky Letter." I got it Last monday after we emailed, and it felt heavy. Not because it has a ton of papers in it, but because its a physical representation of "Hey yo time be up fool so make the best out of what you've got left" kind of a feel to it. Definitely a bittersweet thing, like dark chocolate. Chocolate....

This is a copy of a bible my companion has. It is literally the size of my thumb and (as seen here) is actually readable. It's cool, even if its only the books of Moses. 

And here we have beloved BACOLOD NORTH ZONE! The sisters didn't tell any of the elders that they wrote their names on the chalkboard, so that's why there are no Elders on there.... #SistersForReal? 

But other than that, this week has been pretty okay. Yesterday one of the members of the bishopric forgot me and welcomed me to the ward and asked how long I've been in the mission... At least he didn't do it DURING sacrament meeting... #TotallyForgotten But Bishop was even better, last week when Elder Lacdao introduced himself to Bishop, he asked Elder how long he had been in the mission, to which Elder said he's not even a year into his mission. Bishop then says "Oh." Looks at me, and starts to laugh... Like the whole Oh-snap-you-go-home-soon-but-he-doesn't kind of a laugh. Elder Lacdao and I still make jokes about it.

ALSO! Remember how we always saw those ruins things whenever we looked up Bacolod? Totally found out it's in my area, we're going next week. :D 

I really hope everyone is okay this week. I know I've still got some time (according to Elder Casper I have 1/8 of my mission left), but everyone keeps telling me I go home soon. I like it and don't at the same time #EndOfMyMissionCrisis #I'mNotTrunkyButEveryoneIsForMe #MALAPIT NALANG KO

Peace out my peeps,
Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission