Monday, September 21, 2015


Sometimes I email my parents but dont say too much in it #ThugMormon #ThugElder

Haha. About died from moms email. (#ThugMormon was the topic)

So this past week, not a whole lot happened. The other two elders got sick. so there were various exchanges done so work was done in both areas. I spent a lot of time with Elder Williams, which was nice since he got transferred this morning #MishLife.

Well.. About that goal about taking more pictures... Working on that. Since we were on sick watch, kind of didnt have much to do, so I caught up on my Old Testament reading... The O.T times were serious. Like Hey-he-sinned-let-me-nail-his-head-to-the-ground-so-he-wont-do-it-again kind of a deal goin on. Its a really interesting read. 

WEll, I think I'll do pictures now.

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

I sent him a few more in a second email...this one he responded to separately:

Came home from mission, walked off the plane, Mom raised Boom Box blaring "Eye of the Tiger" band didn't complain. #ThugMormon

To which he replied:

Please do that last one for me.

Mom:  hahaha....The Eye of the Tiger...really?

Elder A. : Yes

I can't deny him this, so ... #NextiTunesPurchase  #SurvivorEyeOfTheTiger   #ElderArchuletasWalkOffMusic 

PICTURES!  (I pleaded for more pictures with him in them and not food, or pictures of his area.  I suppose we will take one out of 3.)

 The night sky here. :)

I may or may not have accidentally flooded the apartment for 20 minutes... :D 

EXTRA FAT BACON!!! Really don't know why there is always bacon. But it was crunchy outside and soft inside (but still thoroughly cooked!) 

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