Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Well... Not much is new.

Dearest Family of Mine,

Yo! How is Cali life? How is Fall? How is not hot or rainy or both weather? I love it here! :D

So in the past couple of weeks we've been on exchanges with a few of the other Elder's here in our district. Last-last week I was with Elder McWhorter, last week I was with Elder Christensen, And tomorrow I am with Elder Warnick. Elder McWhorter is in his 2nd transfer, while the other 2 Elders are just hitting their month mark.It's kind of fun to watch them talk to people. They all 3 can talk, but occasionally I would get the what-did-they-just-say-that-is-not-the-language-they-taught-me-in-the-mtc-elder look. It was pretty funny to think that that's how I used to be. Now I struggle with English.. Which is hard sometimes. But at other times it's still pretty easy. It really depends on what I'm talking about. But it is what it is.

Woo! Excitement! We have mission tour coming up like next-next week (Nov. 11). Transfer day is next week, we move houses on the 15th, and today is MONDAY! That is about it for current events.. OTHER THAN I"M ALMOST HALFWAY DONE! Woo! Seems like forever and yesterday I got here to the Philippines... Time flies. 

Any news on my camera? I miss it.. I want's to take pictures again. And look at the GPS map whilst we are walking around the jungle and pretend to be lost or something... I'm 20 now but sometimes I really question that... Meh. :D

SO I finally thought of something that I would like. Remember when you made that secret coin pouch thingy? The one your grandma used to make? One of those :D Preferably big enough to fit like a dollar folded in half, in black and red :D 

Well I think that's really all I got this week. I have to do a questionnaire for misison tour and other missionary shtuffs.. 

WAIT I FORGOT SOMETHING! So last-last p-day I ordered new G's, and I got them last Wednesday. They is super comfy. :D 

Peace off

Elder Archuleta 

Remember the investigators that needed to be married?  Woo! they got married and baptized, but by my former companion. Woo! :D

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One week of being 20 feels no different :D

Hello Family! 

So this past week was kind of weird. Nothing new happened this week, it just seemed super slow. Like seriously... it just dragged on and on and on... And then BOOM Sunday. We had a special sacrament in our furthest area. We went on splits so that we could be at both sacrament meetings (since they were both at the same time). Dad always says that he likes having church out in the forest, try doing it in the JUNGLE! :D It's pretty cool. Then yesterday we had Zone Conference yesterday, which was kind of weird since it wasn't in Bacolod... which meant no Ice Cream :( But the cool thing was it made going back to work a lot easier. But this week we have been focusing on the Atonement. So my question(s) for all of you today is this: How have you used the atonement today? What have you done today that makes you better than yesterday?

I think there's a lesson that I learned this week. We kind of take the gospel for granted. There are millions around the world "perishing is unbelief" because they don't know. Which is why we as members have a responsibility to share the gospel. It is our obligation. We need to share it with EVERYONE!

I wanted to send this one first, I will answer Mom's like 30 bajillion other emails and Dad's email shortly. Love you all!

Elder Archuleta

Tell me what you thought of your birthday package.  I want to hear how much you loved each and every detail.  Mom's like details.  You know I like all the details. 
Was it stupid?
Did you like it? 
How were the balloons for your partay? 
Did you use the plates? 
All the details.   :)

Love you more than the last email. 

It was dorky. But that's what you do when it's a birthday. 
It was awesome! 
I only blew up like 3. The others I'll probably give to other peeps birthday, we got a few coming up. The one's at home are currently used for volleyball, soccer, or anything else when at home. 
Nope. I got a stack of 'stache plates for something awesome! :D

Dear Dad,

Questions from Dad:
Did you get to finish watching conference?
I was able to listen to the last session, I was excited for that. 

Have you heard if Dominick is getting better and able to leave on his mission soon?
He is meeting with President Perez this week about it, hopefully he leaves soon. 

Are you still working on your Tagolog?
Only a little bit, maybe a word or two a day. But it is getting better. Next year I will focus more on it. 

I pray for all of you always, and I know you all do the same for me. 

I love you

Elder Archuleta

This is how we celebrated my birthday, we bought two of these :D

Pictures from Zone Conference!

The Binalbagan Zone

Zone Christmas video practice.

Companions Elder Agbuya and Elder Archuleta

Did you see the pictures from yesterday? President and Sister Lopez picked us up and we all squished in one car. 12 of us to be exact, and I was squished against President Lopez :D

That is Elder Archuleta standing in that bike.

Getting closer.

Riding like a boss...

They see me rollin'.....

Yep!  It's Elders Agbuya and Archuleta getting a ride to meet President Lopez.

And now, he is squished in a car with Elders and Sisters!!

 Elder Archuleta is sitting right next to President Lopez.