Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekly email thing

Dear peeps who read this,

So this week I literally has nothing to say. Nothing new happened, nothing changed or anything.. It's just another week. But this week we actually have a lot planned to do, so next weeks email will be a lot more awesome! But I do have some things to say. Elder Babida goes home soon, so I might be his last companion... But other than that we are the ZONE LEADERS anyways!! We have been having a lot of fun being the ZL's, having everyone text us when they have a problem or stuff like that.. But it's part of the responsibility of a Zone Leader.. And mothers day is coming up soon so I will be letting you know how that goes when that time comes... I think maybe next-next week. Other than tha, thats abou it for this week. No pictures either... Sorry. I'll get on that this week.

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

Sunday, April 19, 2015

245 na lang!

Dearest Family and to those who read this and/or have eaten balut,

Hello! So last week, right after I finished emailing, the Assistants called and told me I'll be transferring! Woo! So currently I am Elder Archueta, the Zone Leader! :D Because here in PBM if you are like a Zone Leader you are like really good, but the goal is still to be an Assistant, the example missionaries for the whole mission. But for now, it's just work like usual. y new companion is Elder Babida... and I'm not supposed to say stuff like this but his first name is "The brother of Jared" (I won't say it, but that's what it is...) So I am currently assigned to EB Magalona, or for you peeps, Northern Bacolod area.
Bacolod! Finally the city... I think next week I'll have a picture of a map with all my areas on it... It'll be cool. But other than that, things are good, people are nice, I got the other package the other day and those oreos are gone... SO good.... The socks are perfect... The packages are awesome... The food is good and the investigators are fine. The lessons are good and the area is cool... Started a special sacrament again in a part of my area, it may become a group and another area in the mission... Other than that, it's all good. Also it's like barely cloudy here so I will definitely be getting tan here.... Other than that I will get to pictures, since I have those to send... 

Elder Archuleta


1. So I found this soap in Bacolod... Yep... It's even my favorite scent...

2. Little sticker on the door... Had to take this picture... oo-rah..

3. This is my area at sunset..... It is AWESOME

4. Family home evening we attended... the black on our faces is charcoal... its from a game we played...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

This Week

Dearest people who read this thing,

This week Elder Ferrer and I have been working on getting some of our candidates ready for baptism...We will see how it works out. We have 1 for sure, but the second one may be next week... We have been working with our ward and the ward missionaries in finding the less actives and finding investigators! Our attendance has greatly improved since then. We used to average about 80 people a church (Not including the group), but now we get at least 100+ people. I really enjoy watching members see the progress in the ward. We are currently in the middle of the stake being split and made into two stakes, which is amazing! 

I did get the package and yes that was the joke.... I haven't gotten the other package... Everything is still the same. Next week is transfer day so MAYBE I'll be getting transferred.... But I don't know. It currently just started to rain (YES) so hopefully it'll cool down some... But everything has been fine. I actually took more pictures this week, so I will get on those soon.

Elder Archuleta

Sign on a members fence.... it says:
"Reminders" to those who rent:
1. Please take care of the bike, Please don't go crazy with it.
2. If you go over time, you will be charged P1 every 5 mintues
3. We are closed on Sunday because it is the day for the Lord. We should keep it holy. 
Thanks a lot!"

Cotton Candy. P5 each (or for Americans roughly 11 cents each.)

Made food. I forgot what it's called. It was really good. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dear Family

Well this week was kind of weird. I guess you work too hard when you completely forget it's Easter... But other than that it's been rather okay. Last year I think I said that they celebrate Easter here for the whole week, which is really cool. But it made it hard because some people leave and go places... So we had a few days of literally having no one to teach. But we did find some new people and we did teach... actually quite a lot. (We did better than the Zone Leaders...) But other than that, I'll just do what I did last week again:

MONDAY: P-day, as usual. But Support hadn't come in yet so P-day was slightly rescheduled. 

TUESDAY: District meeting. Then we actually had members work with us! :D

WEDNESDAY: P-day part 2. Support was in so we went grocery shopping. Tried to do some finding as well. No one. 

THURSDAY: Again. No one. Did find 1 new investigator.

FRIDAY: BOOM. MEMBERS AGAIN! Many people taught.

SATURDAY: No baptism. Many more lessons taught.

SUNDAY: Went LA finding. Actually found 3 new investigators! Not a whole lot of lessons, just really random rain. It was like the rain in Hawaii... except when it was raining it was RAINING HARD. Then it stops. Then torrential downpour again... It was fun.  

Well, I have some pictures to send, reporting to do, peeps to teach. Hopefully everyone is doing okay back home. Things are the same as usual here... I've been here in this area for about 6 months now... So I think I'll be transferring. But next week will be good, there should be baptisms and stuff. I'll start working about being better about my emails. It just gets hard being a Senior-Trainer-District Leader- missionary. But I'll do better about the emailing thingy. 

Peace out everyone! 

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

My shoes... The left one has a hole in it... Like you can stick a finger through it....

Drawing Elder Ferrer and I made... He drew, I colored... :D

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Dearest peeps,

Well, this week has been the same as usual. Not a whole lot to
report... But I will try to give a day-to-day kind of thing...

MONDAY: Last P-day. I did what I usually do.

Tuesday: Tried to get to some parts of my area that we don't go to
that often... Got a few lessons in.. Worked on the tan while we
walked... Or at least tried to get rid of the tan lines from my

WEDNESDAY: Went to Bacolod for follow-up training. Spent most of the
day there. Was with Elder Cicon, who is also from California... We had
some fun... Probably too much.

THURSDAY: Came home from Kabankalan. Couldnt make it home in time so
we slept in Kabankalan. Went straight to work... Cloudy day but still
hotter than anything.

FRIDAY: Went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders again. Interviewed for
them so that they could have a baptism on Saturday. Spent most of the
day walking and speaking Cebuano to the Zone Leader (Elder Torres).

SATURDAY: Still worked in the ZL's area in the morning. Baptism was in
the afternoon, then later at night we had a priesthood activity.

SUNDAY: Waited and waited and WAITED for our investigators to show
up.... AND THEY DID!! Which was weird, because one was someone we had
met on Saturday... But she really liked it. I think I might be able to
baptize her before I get transferred.

EARLIER: Woke up to a brown out. Our neighbor is building a 2 story
house, so I'm sure they shut it off to do electrical work and stuffs.
Cleaned up and organized the apartment... then eventually made it to
the computer place. Internet is super slow.... So I'm getting a really
good lesson on patience.

I have pictures to send so I will get on those right quick.

Peace to all

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

Peace off from the *FUTURE*,

Tried to send these earlier but the computer didn't like me... So here we go (hopefully)

Elder Cicon and I were in Bacolod and this is what we saw and/or did... Pictures should be self explanatory.   

I think these two California boys had fun in Bacolod...notice the "California orange cheddar cheese" haha