Sunday, April 12, 2015

This Week

Dearest people who read this thing,

This week Elder Ferrer and I have been working on getting some of our candidates ready for baptism...We will see how it works out. We have 1 for sure, but the second one may be next week... We have been working with our ward and the ward missionaries in finding the less actives and finding investigators! Our attendance has greatly improved since then. We used to average about 80 people a church (Not including the group), but now we get at least 100+ people. I really enjoy watching members see the progress in the ward. We are currently in the middle of the stake being split and made into two stakes, which is amazing! 

I did get the package and yes that was the joke.... I haven't gotten the other package... Everything is still the same. Next week is transfer day so MAYBE I'll be getting transferred.... But I don't know. It currently just started to rain (YES) so hopefully it'll cool down some... But everything has been fine. I actually took more pictures this week, so I will get on those soon.

Elder Archuleta

Sign on a members fence.... it says:
"Reminders" to those who rent:
1. Please take care of the bike, Please don't go crazy with it.
2. If you go over time, you will be charged P1 every 5 mintues
3. We are closed on Sunday because it is the day for the Lord. We should keep it holy. 
Thanks a lot!"

Cotton Candy. P5 each (or for Americans roughly 11 cents each.)

Made food. I forgot what it's called. It was really good. 

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