Sunday, April 19, 2015

245 na lang!

Dearest Family and to those who read this and/or have eaten balut,

Hello! So last week, right after I finished emailing, the Assistants called and told me I'll be transferring! Woo! So currently I am Elder Archueta, the Zone Leader! :D Because here in PBM if you are like a Zone Leader you are like really good, but the goal is still to be an Assistant, the example missionaries for the whole mission. But for now, it's just work like usual. y new companion is Elder Babida... and I'm not supposed to say stuff like this but his first name is "The brother of Jared" (I won't say it, but that's what it is...) So I am currently assigned to EB Magalona, or for you peeps, Northern Bacolod area.
Bacolod! Finally the city... I think next week I'll have a picture of a map with all my areas on it... It'll be cool. But other than that, things are good, people are nice, I got the other package the other day and those oreos are gone... SO good.... The socks are perfect... The packages are awesome... The food is good and the investigators are fine. The lessons are good and the area is cool... Started a special sacrament again in a part of my area, it may become a group and another area in the mission... Other than that, it's all good. Also it's like barely cloudy here so I will definitely be getting tan here.... Other than that I will get to pictures, since I have those to send... 

Elder Archuleta


1. So I found this soap in Bacolod... Yep... It's even my favorite scent...

2. Little sticker on the door... Had to take this picture... oo-rah..

3. This is my area at sunset..... It is AWESOME

4. Family home evening we attended... the black on our faces is charcoal... its from a game we played...

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