Sunday, December 28, 2014

I have 52 of these emails left...

Dear Family,

Well this week was okay I guess. It was kind of a drag up until Christmas, when I was able to call you all! And this keyboard works! Woo! So After the call, we actually went straight home, because our schedule got changed. IT was supposed to be that we had the class thing first, and THEN the baptism, but it got flipped, and so we had to go and get our candidate and the bishop and then get everything ready and then take a picture (woo.. picture) AND then we had the class, and that took forever, but it was cool because we did it like it was the MTC, so yea awesomeness!! But after that it was just work as usual. 

So other than that I will get pictures going... Somehow the baptism pictures got erased or something... Seriously angry about that... But it's okay. I can get it from someone else next week.

Elder Archuleta


My gingerbread house, dinner, and one time like half the ward worked with us (in that order I think)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Where are you fools.....

i'm waiting for your emails... 

so this keyboard is slightly broken, so expect no capitalization at all. 

last week as i was waiting for your email... i waited.. and waited.. and waited some more... emailed some friends.. waited some more... and then all of a sudden boom time was up. still no email from you guys... so i spent the whole past week thinking you guys didn't love me anymore. it made this week hard. but hey, you did eventually email me, i read them earlier. yay family..

so in the past 2 weeks, i got stepped down. i was a trainer, but now i'm a district leader. everyone said it's hard being a trainer or a district leader or even a zone leader.. but I've been both a trainer and a district leader, meaning i was a dlt for like 2 days, and i had no problems whatsoever. hopefully things will just keep going as it is. 

well i really don't have much else to say for now, i get to call you guys on Thursday, Wednesday for you all. probably in the morning here, so late-ish afternoon for you. i love you all

elder archuleta


boom awesomeness

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dearest Family

As I write this, there is a baby crying. Profusely. I will probably make a few baby-eating jokes somewhere...

SO anyways, time for my email! Woo! 
So the super typhoon. That was fun! I don't know what the outside world called it, but here it's name was "Ruby." I saw Dad called it something else. It did affect the work, we were stuck inside for like TWO WHOLE DAYS AND IT WAS SO BORING!!! SO we did what they advised: Cleaned the apartment, updated teaching records and the area book, you know, missionary shtuffs. In some areas it was storming hard, but for us it was just rain and wind.... well a LOT of rain and then some wind. Which was nice, made things cold :D But anyways, last week was zone training, and I was like "okay well HOPEFULLY at least one is here..." So were going through the training, and all of a sudden, some Elders show up. I was like, woo, mail! Then the party starts. One package walks in, relatively small. Then another, some stuff I ordered from the LDS store (a big pmg and some more g's), then yet AGAIN another package, some stuff from the office (pamphlets). I was like "WOOO!" 

But that's not the best part.

They come back like 3 minutes later, HUGE package. They set it on the floor. BOOM. You can feel it hit the ground. "Elder Archuleta, one more." I go to pick the thing up, first thought is "Well great, how am I going to carry this thing home? They probably sent me like rocks or something..." (because I love my family and is the first thing I think of). So we head home, and the party keeps going. Opened up the small one, BOOM. LAFFY TAFFY'S FOR DAYS. Then BOOM. CAMERA! CAMERA STAND! CARD READER! C.O CONTAINER! Best part: 

"From: yo mamma"

Still laughing. Oddly I miss 'Murican jokes. They don't make sense sometimes. Especially pick up jokes. 

I am going to kill the computers here... this one is freezing so I will end here and send some pictures.

Elder Gwapo (Archuleta)

Only one of the two pictures he sent turned out, but I will include both because it shows his smiling face!

Me in my current area.  (Apparently his area is black and gray.)

Brother, me, Brother and Elder Liqurian.

That's all because I'm almost out of time. I'll get more next week.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Everything is fun here!!

Hello! SO the computer I'm currently at is RIDICULOUSLY slow, so this may or may not be relatively short to save my sanity. :D

So This week has been okay. Not a whole lot happened, just baptized a few more peeps... The usual stuff. :D Not a whole lot has been happening, but then again it is only the 1st of December... So we will see.

Other than that, I think that's about all I have for this week. Bu I do have a surprise! I did borrow someones camera for the weekend, SO I HAVE PICTURES!!!! :D I will be getting those out soon. 

Have you received your packages yet?
Not yet. We have Zone Training on Wednesday, so if it's here, I'll get it then.
Tell us something that's fun.
Fun? I work all day every day! But in the PHILIPPINES! Everything is fun here.
How is the work coming along?
The work? I kind of feel like it's leveled out a bit. IT doesn't get exciting or exhausting anymore... It's kind of the same. But that's what I get for finally getting to just halfway. 
Do you have a funny story?
Funny story? Earlier I saw a 90 year old lady pull a knife out of no where, scream like crazy, then put it away and acted like nothing happened. Old people.. :D 
Share a spiritual experience.
Spiritual... Well this week We've been working with a few members, one about to leave for his mission, and the other just got back not too long ago. It's kind of cool to see how much things change... Even though there really is no change. From what I've come to understand in the mission so far, your understanding increases. So you're still the same person, you just understand more. Not sure if that counts.. but I think it does. Other than that, that's about all that's happened to me this week.

I will be emailing the pictures in a bit. I love you all!

Elder Archuleta

So the computer won't read my card... It's very frustrating. I will see if I can move to a different computer or something.   And then there was nothing.  Sad face.  :(