Sunday, December 28, 2014

I have 52 of these emails left...

Dear Family,

Well this week was okay I guess. It was kind of a drag up until Christmas, when I was able to call you all! And this keyboard works! Woo! So After the call, we actually went straight home, because our schedule got changed. IT was supposed to be that we had the class thing first, and THEN the baptism, but it got flipped, and so we had to go and get our candidate and the bishop and then get everything ready and then take a picture (woo.. picture) AND then we had the class, and that took forever, but it was cool because we did it like it was the MTC, so yea awesomeness!! But after that it was just work as usual. 

So other than that I will get pictures going... Somehow the baptism pictures got erased or something... Seriously angry about that... But it's okay. I can get it from someone else next week.

Elder Archuleta


My gingerbread house, dinner, and one time like half the ward worked with us (in that order I think)

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