Monday, December 8, 2014

Dearest Family

As I write this, there is a baby crying. Profusely. I will probably make a few baby-eating jokes somewhere...

SO anyways, time for my email! Woo! 
So the super typhoon. That was fun! I don't know what the outside world called it, but here it's name was "Ruby." I saw Dad called it something else. It did affect the work, we were stuck inside for like TWO WHOLE DAYS AND IT WAS SO BORING!!! SO we did what they advised: Cleaned the apartment, updated teaching records and the area book, you know, missionary shtuffs. In some areas it was storming hard, but for us it was just rain and wind.... well a LOT of rain and then some wind. Which was nice, made things cold :D But anyways, last week was zone training, and I was like "okay well HOPEFULLY at least one is here..." So were going through the training, and all of a sudden, some Elders show up. I was like, woo, mail! Then the party starts. One package walks in, relatively small. Then another, some stuff I ordered from the LDS store (a big pmg and some more g's), then yet AGAIN another package, some stuff from the office (pamphlets). I was like "WOOO!" 

But that's not the best part.

They come back like 3 minutes later, HUGE package. They set it on the floor. BOOM. You can feel it hit the ground. "Elder Archuleta, one more." I go to pick the thing up, first thought is "Well great, how am I going to carry this thing home? They probably sent me like rocks or something..." (because I love my family and is the first thing I think of). So we head home, and the party keeps going. Opened up the small one, BOOM. LAFFY TAFFY'S FOR DAYS. Then BOOM. CAMERA! CAMERA STAND! CARD READER! C.O CONTAINER! Best part: 

"From: yo mamma"

Still laughing. Oddly I miss 'Murican jokes. They don't make sense sometimes. Especially pick up jokes. 

I am going to kill the computers here... this one is freezing so I will end here and send some pictures.

Elder Gwapo (Archuleta)

Only one of the two pictures he sent turned out, but I will include both because it shows his smiling face!

Me in my current area.  (Apparently his area is black and gray.)

Brother, me, Brother and Elder Liqurian.

That's all because I'm almost out of time. I'll get more next week.

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