Sunday, October 25, 2015


Hello there people I email! :D And for those who read this. There is a story behind the name of this email, I'll explain it later. 

So this past week was kind of the same as always. Work.. Rain... Work... Rain.. I think you get the picture. :D

Speaking of pictures, I have some. 

So about the email. Everyone here was talking about bumbas (a pump... Like for wells and shtuff) Also everyone else here is like either barely over a year or brand new. I'm old. 

I will send pictures seperately. With the stories.


Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

1. A mountain-top view of Isabela. 

2. A pig that was totally just chillin with the cute little baby puppies... And then laying on them too.

3. I named this one Kevin, the white one is Tammy-Lynn, the dark-brown one is Steven and the last one is either Kyle or George. I forgot. 

4. This fruit is called BABANA. (yes, babana.) It's kind of sour, but it's really good tasting and like my 2nd favorite. 

1. An Isabela view of the mountain I was on (the one on the right)

2. Went on exchanges with Aguisan Elders. It rained so hard that the Book of Mormon, my planner, and all the pamphlets I had got destroyed. But we had fun anyways. 

3. Baptism! :D It was awesome. Literally 6 people were at the baptism. 6. Including us. :D


5. You can't really tell but the sun was like super neon orange yesterday (sunday) for like 7 minutes. 

This is the 10,000 picture on my camera. :D 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants section 73

If you don't get the title, then good for you. If you do, however... #D&C73


Rain. ☔🌀

Apparently there's another storm, but it's up north. All we get here is rain. A lot.

But on the bright side, I also found someone to fit my clothes for me! I did like a lot of my pants and a long-sleeve. Eventually I'll get to do my suit too. :D 

So Dad asked if I knew an Elder Paskett, and I do. He replaced me in Bata (My last area). When I see him at MLC in November I'll tell him. #smallworld

So earlier we had a service project. We painted a few buildings. I left my camera since I couldn't leave it anywhere, but I have a few pictures of when we came home. And a few other things. 

Oh and we had a baptism Saturday, got another one this Saturday too, and HOPEFULLY next week as well. My camera died so I'll have my companion fwd it to me. 

Well, other than that I really don't have much to say really. I've only got so long before I'm back home. I've gotten so used to everything here that I really don't know what else to say. I'll be checking today (again) about any news for going home or anything related to such. From what I've heard, transfer day is being moved up 2 weeks, so that might change something. And I'll check on my packages. Speaking of which, I don't think I really need anymore. I never really needed them in the first place. It kinda takes away a bit from the sacrifice. But I loved them all :D 

I will send pictures shortly.
Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

1. Hamburgers. Like actually decent sized ones too! But it was literally just bread, meat, lettuce, and ketchup. 

2. A giant frog thing. I took this picture from like across the room when I saw it. It's bigger than a softball.

3. So the sister sitting next to me is my Lola! (grandma) Because she was the missionary that taught and converted Elder Cano! :D but she's kinda short... Like Kara might ACTUALLY be taller than her... Hehehe... :P

4. Me earlier covered in paint. Filipino paint is cool though. If it gets on you or your clothes, it will come off with just water (sometimes a bit of soap). But you put it on a rock or buildings or cars and it's boom good luck getting that off.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Yay I survived another week! :D

So last week I was not able to email because I got transferred! So I am currently in Isabela Ward, Binalbagan Zone+Stake. And I'm also down the road from my 5th area, Hinigaran! So I'll be able to visit sometime. 

So I am still a Zone Leader, but I am one of 3 here in my zone. The other 2 are fairly new, so I basically just tell them what to do if they don't know. So I has time to do stuff again! 

So here's what last week was for me:
Monday: I got transferred. I wasn't able to go shopping or get a haircut or do anything. I traveled all day.
Tuesday: We had District meeting. My district leader and I have the same first name. :D Also my district is 3 americans and 1 pinoy... It's cool. 
Wednesday: We went up the mountain. The Motorcycle we were riding went flat. Twice. Also we had to join choir practice here. The conductor person thing called President apparently so we have to join. #WhyIsMyLastNameArchuleta
Thursday: We went on exchanges with some Elder's in our zone, So I was in their area for a day. 
Friday: Nothing actually happened. We just worked. 
Saturday: Saturday Session of Conference! And I forgot my name tag at home. It was kinda funny.
Sunday: Sunday Session! And Choir Practice again. We got to teach like 2 lessons. 

That was my week. I have pictures to send (from last-last week too!)

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

Pictures!  Lots and lots of pictures.  This might be a record for Elder Archuleta to send us 13 pictures!  I think he was trying to make up for no email last week.  ;-)

A tricycle with a steering wheel.  Yes.  I want one.

Elder Lacado and I #Last day together

Me not shaving for 2 days = baby beard

Me and the two Elders I trained!  We all got transferred.

This is my area.

Perfect example of Filipino weather.  This is nice and clear and sunny and happiness.

This is what I saw when I turned around.  Darkness, gloominess, doom and despair.

The gray stuff in the center is rain.

Filipino turkeys.  They sound like American ones, but they look weird.  

How they fix tires here.  They melt rubber onto the tire over the hole.  It's actually kind of cool.
They do it to cars and trucks too apparently.

My planner which reads "One More!"

A rat we killed while on exchanges.  The shirt thing belongs to the elder I was with.

This is literally me right now in a computer shop.  Elder Cook, you're used to this.  Everyone else isn't.
(Elder Cook is a friend from the MTC who is currently serving in the Bagiuo Mission.)