Monday, July 28, 2014

I finished reading the Book of Mormon in 19 Days!!!

Dearest Mother,

So how was being surrounded by girls for a week? I bet that was a lot of fun. I would say I wouldn't know what that was like, but missionaries aren't allowed to lie :D But that was pre-mission life, so I'm not obligated to share! :D

So this week (you will be SO proud of me) I took a lot of pictureseseseseses. Yes, all the extra "sesesesess" are important. We actually had baptisms on saturday! (oops.. btw we have baptisms). I baptized a child of record. She was a sweet little (quite literally, i was probably almost twice her height) girl. When the branch president asked her who she wanted to baptize her, she said "ang puti!" which means "the white guy." :D   We will be baptizing again this week, next week, and so on until like mid-to-end September! (that is, if everything continues to work out.) Other than that, We will continue to work hard. 

Things I probably will need: another thing of toothpaste. I'm about to run out soon (only because I've had to share for the past couple of days). 

I will be sending pictures in a second. 

Tire sidewalk

and a bridge (yes it is broken and no I didn't break it)

Here is everyone that got baptized,

then here are the 2 girls we baptized.

And also a brother who's record was lost, so we had to teach him (since he is 9) and his Dad baptized him

It was raining like crazy so this road was flooded...It was actually deeper than that further down the road, it went to my knees. 

This is a bunch of swords on the wall of one of our less actives. They are actually REALLY cool looking (and shiny...)

This is a fruit called a Mangosteen. You eat the white thing in the center (Elder Sablan accidentally sliced it in half, next time I'll take a picture of it cut the cool way). It is super super sour but sweet at the same time.... Kind of like SPK. But the more you eat, the sweeter they get (unless you're Elder Sablan, they kept getting more sour)

Letter from Dad: ( I don't usually include our letters to him, but I thought this was good to share too, and made it so I didn't have to insert the question before the answer.)

Elder Archuleta,
This week we were alone while Mom was at girls camp all week. It looks like she had fun and was a great spiritual experience for her. Mom is tired but it was good for her.  

Jakob had football practice all week, he is doing very well. His coaches moved his positions from the line to the full back. He now plays behind the quarter back. He blocks for the running back and will be carrying the football as well. He is now a starter. I also think I told you Jakob weight wrong last week. He actually weighs a little over 160lbs., not much less than you at 170lbs.  Yesterday we were doing a Deacon service project cleaning the nursery toys and sacrament trays at the church and Brother Watford asked how you were doing, he couldn't believe you have lost 40lbs.

The temperatures are still hovering in the 100's and we haven't had a good rain storm yet. There are a couple fires going on that are close and the sky is smokey.  Hopefully we will get rain soon.

The ward keeps growing, I am sure once the new stake center in Lincoln is completed over by brother D's house the ward will be split. We will have 20-24 deacons before next year is over.

Thank you for the pictures last week. Keep sending pictures of your area and people, it let's the family see where your at and see the cool experiences you are having. The whole family is proud of you, more than any words can explain. I am grateful for the example and standards you are setting for your family.

I want you to know I have a testimony of this church. I know the gospel is true and the Holy Ghost bears witness to me thru the burning of my heart that it is.  I am so much happier when I do the things that are asked of me, even if those things asked of me are sometimes hard to do.  I know that if I diligently do what is asked, I will not be alone and receive the needed helped to accomplish great things. I know that my family receives the promise of blessings for doing what is asked of me and I that great happiness with also come with those blessings.

Keep up the fight out in the Philippines. Your never alone.

How was your week in the mission field?
Are you eating well?
How is your area progressing?
Any new or learning missionary experience?
Any big plans for your Pday today? (Besides sending the family pictures)

Love you,

Dear Dad,

Did they start building it yet?  Jake might nd up weighing more than I will when I come home.  Do you think our ward will be split while I'm gone?  If you want rain, take some from here! It has been raining like everyday here for almost 2 weeks straight. 

I'm eating just fine, the area is coming along great!  We have a lot of baptisms for the next couple of weeks.  I finished reading the Book of Mormon in 19 days. :D  If anything, all the young men should have their own copy of PMG, especially the priests.  Get Jakob his Patriarchal Blessing ASAP. 

Tell Jake to hit hard for me! 

Elder Archuleta


Teaching Like Crazy July 20th

Dear mom, 
(I apologize for typos that may or may not occur. This keyboard doesn't like to type well)

We had fun last week. The monies paid for the trip to Bacolod and for food stuffs. 

I miss camping. I'm happy that we're going to the family reunion when I get home. It will be super awesome and stuffs.

Elder Sablan and I are doing great. He has really helped me understand the language a lot better and he has taught me better ways to teach the lessons! I don't know if I told you this already but he is a former AP (Assistant to the President) so he is like super super obedient. Apparently like half of what Elder Cano taught me was either wrong or against some rule... But everything is good now! 

No. I've seen the rubber shoes, and they tear easy. And it's really hard to find my shoe size here (or anything over size like 9 I think, and I'm an 11). My shoes are doing great, but I've started to switch them out every other day because of the rain.

So we have been teaching like crazy. We are going to have baptisms every week starting this week! We baptize the RM family next week. We also started doing a sacrament meeting out there, the goal being that there will eventually be a meeting house out there. So technically yes I transferred and what nots, but I still go to the same building, just both sacrament meetings. (and a third later in the day!) Crazy awesome stuffs.

Well... Hopefully she wont find out the hard way. I was lucky enough to have someone tell me my first 5 minutes of being there. 

It's slowly coming back... Just slowly. But other than that I actually GAINED weight (But I'm still getting skinny!) and I'm getting even more tan! :D 

I will be sending pictures in a bit


Elder Archuleta

Things I forgot:
You said to include other things I'd want, and I completely forgot. 

A black (yes, it has to be black) umbrella. Preferably big (but not too big, I have to carry it in my bag)

A blank picture book. Like the one you made me, just with absolutely nothing in it (unless you choose to include pictures)

if possible, a blank book. Basically a book that has nothing in it whatsoever. Just blank white pages. If you could get that (or make it) I would love it. With at least 50 sheets (or 100 pages)

More deoderant. I'm on my last stick now, and I refuse to use the axe here (it is literally all they have)

Other than that, I think that is all I have for now. I will start writing down things as they come to mind.

Me :D

Duck stampede! I think there are like 70+ ducks here

Me with the ducks :D. (He is wearing one of the UGLY ties we sent...hahahaha!!!)

I would have had more time but the comupter is slow so here are some more.
Elder Sablan
This is how we get to our area. It's through a rice feild then a super super long road that takes like a half hour to walk.

Also the binding on my BOM has come unglued... What do I do?  

Dear Dad,

Everything is fine here in the jungle!  All we get from the storm is a lot if rain.  Even now it is raining like CRAZY outside.  We are going to have a lot of baptisms coming up in the next couple of weeks!  I would enjoy some pictures of Jake and Jack (when he starts baseball or whatever) at practice.  Just so I have more pictures of my family.

(Dad included a picture of the Young Men at Folsom Lake)

Where is Jake?  And seriously the Young Men need to get a tan...they are all white.  I will pray that you guys can get some of our rain...we don't really need it!

I will be sending the pictures in a second (as stated in Moms email.)
Elder Archuleta 

Glad to hear all is well in the jungle and that you will be having baptisms.  I will be sure to get pictures of Jake & Jack.  I will take some this week of Jakob at practice.  Jake has his first game in a couple of weeks against Elk Grove.  Jackson starts baseball in September.  But I will get more pictures to add to your family picture book.  Do you want them mailed in your next package or can you print them at the computer place?

Jake is not in the picture because he was at football practice.  Yes the Young Men are all very white boys.

What position is he playing this year?  I can print pictures here (it costs 7pisos).
Elder A.

He will be playing guard on the offensive line and defense end on defense.  He is one of the bigger boys this year.  7 Pisos is cheap.  OK I will be sure to get photos of him at McBean Park during practice this week.

Mom says you are working hard with Elder Sablan and he is helping you with the language and teaching approaches.  That is good to always learn different ways.  One day you will be training someone.

How much does Gibby weigh?  $5 says he weighs more than I do.


I really want to train someone, everyone says it is so much fun!
Elder A.

Jakob weighs 151lbs.
Your time will come soon enough to train someone.  Mom and I noticed a couple of new blogs on the Bacolod mission that we follow with some Americans coming your direction.

I am glad to hear you are having fun and learning everyday and enjoying your experience.

Only 151? Dang it. I'll bet you $5 when I come home I'm 170.
Elder A.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

90 Lessons!

Dearest Family,

So this past week has probably been the most exhausting week of my life. We ended up teaching
NINETY lessons last week. 90! Elder Sablan said that is the most he has ever taught. We work from 12 until roughly 9:30 pm. And we WALK EVERYWHERE. It's awesome. I've probably lost more weight now. Everyone says I look skinnier each time they see me. Dad said something about getting my pants adjusted or something... I need to do that for like EVERYTHING I wear. Nothing fits. Elder Sablan says I look like a deflated balloon because my clothes are so big on me. 

I kind of feel sad that I missed the Family Reunion. Hopefully everyone had fun! I got all the pictures. I printed out the picture you sent me of everyone at the family reunion and stuck it in my picture book.

Oh! which reminds me! I have a new investigator who is agi (pronounced a-gee, means gay) who is really cool. He reads his book of Mormon everyday and is praying! He even came to church yesterday! We plan to baptize him on August 9. 

Well.. Tiring. It's been good though. Elder Sablan was technically born here and grew up here until he was 13, then he moved to the US. So he's "American" because he came from America. But his first language is Tagalog, then English. He also knows Cebuano and of course Ilonggo.  Elder Sablan, being a Former AP, is serious. But he is funny kon kisa (sometimes). He's just really different from Elder Cano. 

I actually have a goal to take pictures this week. Today is monday and we have FHE in both branches (we also go to 2 sacrament meetings) so I will get pictures of that. 

Things I could use from home? Hm.... Not much else really. The colored pencils... The clif bars? Dad said something about clif bars a while ago. Various candies.. (spk would be legit). Nothing much else though. But I did think of something a while ago. Since tomorrow is my official 6 month mark, maybe I could get some money to party with tomorrow...? :D We're almost out anyways, but support day is tomorrow so we will be okay. 

Ah the mango-hona. I could probably figure out how he did it. They both appeared out of nowhere. 

I will go write Davis in a bit. What about Alyssa? She reports sometime soon right?

I will get the few pictures I took to you in a bit

Peace off 

Elder Archuleta

FILIPINO BANANAS!!!! They are probably the most awesome thing EVER. Although they don't taste exactly the same... less banana-y. But thats all I got for this week. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I got a new companion!

Dear Mom and Dad,

This past week has been rather crazy.  Elder Cano got transferred, so I got a new companion.  His name is Elder Sablan.  He is from Seattle, Washington (but his mom is Filipino).  He was an assistant to the President when I got here, and we both think it's funny that we're companions now.  We took a picture about 20 minutes ago of us, since we have like no time for pictures.  Elder Sablan and I are now in charge of 2 areas (something that hasn't been done before) and we have to walk everywhere.  Our area is huge!  It probably goes out like 8 miles from both sides of town.  It takes 2 hours to walk from one area to the other.  We will be having baptisms coming up in a few weeks though ( I think 2) so we will see how that goes!

Elder Archuleta 


Last P-Day, with Elder Cano, Elder Cancel, Elder Archuleta and Elder Leng


Are you in the same area?  We are in the church parking lot in indianola by Uncle Kirk's property.  They put in this new church out in the fields in the middle of nowhere.

Did you stay in the blue house?

The same area, plus the other Elder's area.  We are the only Elders assigned to La Carlota right now.  So we have to prostelyte in both areas.

Nope, I actually live in a house.  I will try to take a picture in the future if I have time.

Picture of where we are at.  Using church WiFi.

The 'burb'!  I miss Bessie!

What two areas are you over besides La Carlotta?

La Carlota 1B and 2B

Two LaCarlotta areas?  With two, being the only Elders, the sisters should keep you busy.

La Carlota.  1 "T".  We just do our work, that's all!

How long has Elder Sablan been out in the field?

He goes home in November.

New companions!  Elder Archuleta and Elder Sablan :)

Video to family for 4th of July Farr Family Reunion

Elders Archuleta and Cano's Video Message   <~~~~Click that title

Click above to watch the Super Awesome and Epic video from our Elder and his companion, Elder Cano.  It is long, but we love to hear him no matter how goofy he is!

Lizard named Kevin...

JUNE 29, 2014

So this week is transfers.. so if there is a transfer it will happen on Wednesday.

Nothing much has been happening, But I'm glad to hear that Davis and Alyssa gave their talks.

I have pictures and hopefully a video to send! If not I will cheat and use my normal Email. 

Also, Aunt Holly and them emailed me, I will fwd the email. I love what Avery wrote, It's totally gibby. 

Elder Archuleta

The lizard is named Kevin, he lives in our house. :D

I forgot to shave so I went full out and looked like santa... I even shaved it off until I looked like Dad! :D Forgot to take a picture of that.

So last week I was making dinner and I was choppin up some calamansi (do we have that back home?) and totally sliced my finger. This was after I cleaned it up adn cut off the hanging nail.. It was awesome. :D

Are you nervous to transfer maybe?  It will be crazy to not know until next Sunday.....

Elder Archuleta:
No. President has said if you are worried about transfers, want to transfer, or are thinking about transfers, you wont transfer. I really don't mind if I will transfer or not. I kind of don't want to, we've been working with a family for two weeks now and they're getting baptized in 3 weeks.

From the previous week, pictures of Zone Conference and randome pictures Elder Archuleta sent:

Zone Conference Pictures from President Lopez' Facebook page:

Elder Archuleta and Elder Cano

EMAIL FROM JUNE 22..I skipped a week!  WHAT???

Mom emailed and asked specific questions

Dearest Mother,

Mom:  I read on the missionary mom email group I belong to, it said that wen you get to the mission home you leave your suit there until you get home.  Did you do this?
Yep. It's so when you go home you can wear it and look as good as you did when you got here.
You were excited to weigh yourself...did you lose weight?
I currently weigh 165 lbs. I've lost 40 lbs! :D
Did you take pictures for us this week?
I took some and Elder Cano took some. He bought a camera!
Alyssa and Davis are leaving soon for the MTC, do you have any advice I can pass along to them?
Just a few simple things: 
Davis: Rely on the spirit, don't worry if the language doesn't come right away. I've been out here for almost 5 months and I still have problems talking! PMG chapters 7 and 10 will be your best friend!
Alyssa: WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT DRINK THE OJ AT THE MTC. Also, remember to love what you do and to never, ever, EVER lose faith. I think Elder Holland said "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your beliefs." Or something like that. Chapter 4, 5, and 6 in PMG are awesome!
Do you think you could make a short video message for me to share with the family at the family reunion?  I am making a video about our family.
I can probably get that done this week and email it to you next week. We better go to the reunion when I get home too.
How was your church attendance this week?  New investigators?  New commitments for baptisms?  Anyone we can help you pray for?
Well since we got here, church attendance has increased. But the thing Elder Cano and I realized is that there are like roughly 60 people coming to church and about 12 of them are guys... Rather fun :D We ran into a family last week, and the dad is an RM! The mom is a non-member, but she wants her and her kids to be baptized!

I'll get to the pictures in a bit. I have to borrow Elder Canos sd card! Haha!


Ako! (Me!)
Look at how my clothes don't fit... like even the pants that I brought that WERE skinny jeans to me are like super baggy. Possibly try to include picture next week.  

Chicken Curry. (this is for elder Cano's mom, but I photobmbed it :D woo!)

Elder Cano taking a picture of me while I'm taking a picture of him... He enjoys having a camera. :D

Elders selfie!

Shnacks for days...

Or maybe hours??

Selfie! Elder Cano inspired.