Sunday, July 13, 2014

90 Lessons!

Dearest Family,

So this past week has probably been the most exhausting week of my life. We ended up teaching
NINETY lessons last week. 90! Elder Sablan said that is the most he has ever taught. We work from 12 until roughly 9:30 pm. And we WALK EVERYWHERE. It's awesome. I've probably lost more weight now. Everyone says I look skinnier each time they see me. Dad said something about getting my pants adjusted or something... I need to do that for like EVERYTHING I wear. Nothing fits. Elder Sablan says I look like a deflated balloon because my clothes are so big on me. 

I kind of feel sad that I missed the Family Reunion. Hopefully everyone had fun! I got all the pictures. I printed out the picture you sent me of everyone at the family reunion and stuck it in my picture book.

Oh! which reminds me! I have a new investigator who is agi (pronounced a-gee, means gay) who is really cool. He reads his book of Mormon everyday and is praying! He even came to church yesterday! We plan to baptize him on August 9. 

Well.. Tiring. It's been good though. Elder Sablan was technically born here and grew up here until he was 13, then he moved to the US. So he's "American" because he came from America. But his first language is Tagalog, then English. He also knows Cebuano and of course Ilonggo.  Elder Sablan, being a Former AP, is serious. But he is funny kon kisa (sometimes). He's just really different from Elder Cano. 

I actually have a goal to take pictures this week. Today is monday and we have FHE in both branches (we also go to 2 sacrament meetings) so I will get pictures of that. 

Things I could use from home? Hm.... Not much else really. The colored pencils... The clif bars? Dad said something about clif bars a while ago. Various candies.. (spk would be legit). Nothing much else though. But I did think of something a while ago. Since tomorrow is my official 6 month mark, maybe I could get some money to party with tomorrow...? :D We're almost out anyways, but support day is tomorrow so we will be okay. 

Ah the mango-hona. I could probably figure out how he did it. They both appeared out of nowhere. 

I will go write Davis in a bit. What about Alyssa? She reports sometime soon right?

I will get the few pictures I took to you in a bit

Peace off 

Elder Archuleta

FILIPINO BANANAS!!!! They are probably the most awesome thing EVER. Although they don't taste exactly the same... less banana-y. But thats all I got for this week. 

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