Monday, July 28, 2014

Teaching Like Crazy July 20th

Dear mom, 
(I apologize for typos that may or may not occur. This keyboard doesn't like to type well)

We had fun last week. The monies paid for the trip to Bacolod and for food stuffs. 

I miss camping. I'm happy that we're going to the family reunion when I get home. It will be super awesome and stuffs.

Elder Sablan and I are doing great. He has really helped me understand the language a lot better and he has taught me better ways to teach the lessons! I don't know if I told you this already but he is a former AP (Assistant to the President) so he is like super super obedient. Apparently like half of what Elder Cano taught me was either wrong or against some rule... But everything is good now! 

No. I've seen the rubber shoes, and they tear easy. And it's really hard to find my shoe size here (or anything over size like 9 I think, and I'm an 11). My shoes are doing great, but I've started to switch them out every other day because of the rain.

So we have been teaching like crazy. We are going to have baptisms every week starting this week! We baptize the RM family next week. We also started doing a sacrament meeting out there, the goal being that there will eventually be a meeting house out there. So technically yes I transferred and what nots, but I still go to the same building, just both sacrament meetings. (and a third later in the day!) Crazy awesome stuffs.

Well... Hopefully she wont find out the hard way. I was lucky enough to have someone tell me my first 5 minutes of being there. 

It's slowly coming back... Just slowly. But other than that I actually GAINED weight (But I'm still getting skinny!) and I'm getting even more tan! :D 

I will be sending pictures in a bit


Elder Archuleta

Things I forgot:
You said to include other things I'd want, and I completely forgot. 

A black (yes, it has to be black) umbrella. Preferably big (but not too big, I have to carry it in my bag)

A blank picture book. Like the one you made me, just with absolutely nothing in it (unless you choose to include pictures)

if possible, a blank book. Basically a book that has nothing in it whatsoever. Just blank white pages. If you could get that (or make it) I would love it. With at least 50 sheets (or 100 pages)

More deoderant. I'm on my last stick now, and I refuse to use the axe here (it is literally all they have)

Other than that, I think that is all I have for now. I will start writing down things as they come to mind.

Me :D

Duck stampede! I think there are like 70+ ducks here

Me with the ducks :D. (He is wearing one of the UGLY ties we sent...hahahaha!!!)

I would have had more time but the comupter is slow so here are some more.
Elder Sablan
This is how we get to our area. It's through a rice feild then a super super long road that takes like a half hour to walk.

Also the binding on my BOM has come unglued... What do I do?  

Dear Dad,

Everything is fine here in the jungle!  All we get from the storm is a lot if rain.  Even now it is raining like CRAZY outside.  We are going to have a lot of baptisms coming up in the next couple of weeks!  I would enjoy some pictures of Jake and Jack (when he starts baseball or whatever) at practice.  Just so I have more pictures of my family.

(Dad included a picture of the Young Men at Folsom Lake)

Where is Jake?  And seriously the Young Men need to get a tan...they are all white.  I will pray that you guys can get some of our rain...we don't really need it!

I will be sending the pictures in a second (as stated in Moms email.)
Elder Archuleta 

Glad to hear all is well in the jungle and that you will be having baptisms.  I will be sure to get pictures of Jake & Jack.  I will take some this week of Jakob at practice.  Jake has his first game in a couple of weeks against Elk Grove.  Jackson starts baseball in September.  But I will get more pictures to add to your family picture book.  Do you want them mailed in your next package or can you print them at the computer place?

Jake is not in the picture because he was at football practice.  Yes the Young Men are all very white boys.

What position is he playing this year?  I can print pictures here (it costs 7pisos).
Elder A.

He will be playing guard on the offensive line and defense end on defense.  He is one of the bigger boys this year.  7 Pisos is cheap.  OK I will be sure to get photos of him at McBean Park during practice this week.

Mom says you are working hard with Elder Sablan and he is helping you with the language and teaching approaches.  That is good to always learn different ways.  One day you will be training someone.

How much does Gibby weigh?  $5 says he weighs more than I do.


I really want to train someone, everyone says it is so much fun!
Elder A.

Jakob weighs 151lbs.
Your time will come soon enough to train someone.  Mom and I noticed a couple of new blogs on the Bacolod mission that we follow with some Americans coming your direction.

I am glad to hear you are having fun and learning everyday and enjoying your experience.

Only 151? Dang it. I'll bet you $5 when I come home I'm 170.
Elder A.

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