Monday, July 28, 2014

I finished reading the Book of Mormon in 19 Days!!!

Dearest Mother,

So how was being surrounded by girls for a week? I bet that was a lot of fun. I would say I wouldn't know what that was like, but missionaries aren't allowed to lie :D But that was pre-mission life, so I'm not obligated to share! :D

So this week (you will be SO proud of me) I took a lot of pictureseseseseses. Yes, all the extra "sesesesess" are important. We actually had baptisms on saturday! (oops.. btw we have baptisms). I baptized a child of record. She was a sweet little (quite literally, i was probably almost twice her height) girl. When the branch president asked her who she wanted to baptize her, she said "ang puti!" which means "the white guy." :D   We will be baptizing again this week, next week, and so on until like mid-to-end September! (that is, if everything continues to work out.) Other than that, We will continue to work hard. 

Things I probably will need: another thing of toothpaste. I'm about to run out soon (only because I've had to share for the past couple of days). 

I will be sending pictures in a second. 

Tire sidewalk

and a bridge (yes it is broken and no I didn't break it)

Here is everyone that got baptized,

then here are the 2 girls we baptized.

And also a brother who's record was lost, so we had to teach him (since he is 9) and his Dad baptized him

It was raining like crazy so this road was flooded...It was actually deeper than that further down the road, it went to my knees. 

This is a bunch of swords on the wall of one of our less actives. They are actually REALLY cool looking (and shiny...)

This is a fruit called a Mangosteen. You eat the white thing in the center (Elder Sablan accidentally sliced it in half, next time I'll take a picture of it cut the cool way). It is super super sour but sweet at the same time.... Kind of like SPK. But the more you eat, the sweeter they get (unless you're Elder Sablan, they kept getting more sour)

Letter from Dad: ( I don't usually include our letters to him, but I thought this was good to share too, and made it so I didn't have to insert the question before the answer.)

Elder Archuleta,
This week we were alone while Mom was at girls camp all week. It looks like she had fun and was a great spiritual experience for her. Mom is tired but it was good for her.  

Jakob had football practice all week, he is doing very well. His coaches moved his positions from the line to the full back. He now plays behind the quarter back. He blocks for the running back and will be carrying the football as well. He is now a starter. I also think I told you Jakob weight wrong last week. He actually weighs a little over 160lbs., not much less than you at 170lbs.  Yesterday we were doing a Deacon service project cleaning the nursery toys and sacrament trays at the church and Brother Watford asked how you were doing, he couldn't believe you have lost 40lbs.

The temperatures are still hovering in the 100's and we haven't had a good rain storm yet. There are a couple fires going on that are close and the sky is smokey.  Hopefully we will get rain soon.

The ward keeps growing, I am sure once the new stake center in Lincoln is completed over by brother D's house the ward will be split. We will have 20-24 deacons before next year is over.

Thank you for the pictures last week. Keep sending pictures of your area and people, it let's the family see where your at and see the cool experiences you are having. The whole family is proud of you, more than any words can explain. I am grateful for the example and standards you are setting for your family.

I want you to know I have a testimony of this church. I know the gospel is true and the Holy Ghost bears witness to me thru the burning of my heart that it is.  I am so much happier when I do the things that are asked of me, even if those things asked of me are sometimes hard to do.  I know that if I diligently do what is asked, I will not be alone and receive the needed helped to accomplish great things. I know that my family receives the promise of blessings for doing what is asked of me and I that great happiness with also come with those blessings.

Keep up the fight out in the Philippines. Your never alone.

How was your week in the mission field?
Are you eating well?
How is your area progressing?
Any new or learning missionary experience?
Any big plans for your Pday today? (Besides sending the family pictures)

Love you,

Dear Dad,

Did they start building it yet?  Jake might nd up weighing more than I will when I come home.  Do you think our ward will be split while I'm gone?  If you want rain, take some from here! It has been raining like everyday here for almost 2 weeks straight. 

I'm eating just fine, the area is coming along great!  We have a lot of baptisms for the next couple of weeks.  I finished reading the Book of Mormon in 19 days. :D  If anything, all the young men should have their own copy of PMG, especially the priests.  Get Jakob his Patriarchal Blessing ASAP. 

Tell Jake to hit hard for me! 

Elder Archuleta


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