Sunday, May 24, 2015

219 Days

Hello to everyone who reads this!

Well this week has been hot. Like for reals hot. But it's all good, I'm continuing my tan! :D 

Well, like last week, not a whole lot has happened. We went looking for a new house because we don't even live in our area... And hopefully the house we found will be our apartment because it's almost in the middle of the area and it's actually a really nice house. Like really nice. 

So everyone here has been thinking I'm fat because all of my shirts are too big... So the other day I wore my shirt I had fitted and everyone was like "Wait what? I thought you were fat...." I had a good laugh. 

That's about it for my email... I have some pictures to send though.. So yay! :D

So I cooked food the other day.... It was sooooooo good. So the first two are of what I cooked, the third one is Dinuguan (not 100% on the spelling, but it's the blood thingy... It does have meat with it, as seen in the picture) and I went on exchanges and WE FOUND A TREE HOUSE!!! :D I didn't go up though. It didn't look stable. or strong enough. But it was cool. :D

Peace out peeps

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015

228 days nalang!

Well that's a wonderful way to start off an email...

Last-last week was Elder Babida's birthday! (Yes there are some pictures for that.) But other that, not a whole lot has happened. D:

We had Zone Conference last week, which was fun. We were with Bacolod Central Zone, and we were 3rd to last in giving the training... Which made it a bit nerve wrecking... Since I'm still new to being a Zone Leader, my hands were shaking like crazy and so were my knees. But after about 5 minutes it really wasn't that bad. It was a great training, and many complimented us. We trained about retention of recent converts and/or Less Actives through the RS, Priesthood Leaders, Ward Missionary and WML, and through Bishop. 

Well..... I don't know what else to say. Everything is okay like always. I did enjoy the pictures Dad sent, reminded me of how much I miss home though... But I'm getting close to going home! So I can say stuff like that! :D 

I do have some requests... If it's not too late... Just some more air heads and beef jerky again.... Terryaki flavor (since it's my favorite..) Just if it's possible... If not, no worries! 

Pictures (hopefully in this order) are of Elder Babida's cake, Ice cream flavor that is too good to exist, A selfie, and a picture of a beach. 
Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

President and Sister Ferrin and I, and chips I opened wrong apparently... 

Monday, May 4, 2015

This week in the mission

Hello there! 

So this week has been slightly better! Stuff actually happened! :D So last Monday we were in Bacolod doing stuff... I have pictures of our adventure... Tuesday through Thursday were just normal days. Friday to yesterday were fun. It was a fiesta here (which means basically the whole town parties.. it's awesome.) but it was kind of bad for us... since we technically can't go and all of our investigators went... So it was kind of hard. and then Sunday was a boxing match so like no one went to church... Which was also rough.. But it's all good. Just small trials. We also had an Elder come home from his mission, so that was cool! Except he served up north so he spoke Tagalog... Which was funny, because when he talked he said he would speak in Ilonggo... which didn't happen. I think that's how it's going to be when I come home. English is there in my brain somewhere, but it's not usually the first language I use.... It actually comes last ironically. Writing and reading English? Pft, no problem. Speaking it? ... Yea... my English comes out wrong and I don't realize I'm wrong unless someone points it out to me. But it's all good. It'll come back eventually! So I got one package, you sent two? I have meetings in Bacolod tomorrow, so if there is another one waiting for me then awesome! If you're referring to the package I got a while ago, the cookies were still good. They weren't hard but they were still good. 

Well, I do have pictures to send so I'll get on that.

WAIT! Mothers Day Call! It's next Monday! Woo! :D

Well that is the content of this email. I will get to pictures.

PS. This week is the birthday of Elder Babida... So I was thinking of using my card to get him stuff.... Like cake.... Mmmmm... cake.... And I have to buy something for some of my Recent converts, I'll have it sent home (there... California...) 

That's all. If you sneezed during this email, bless you. Peace off. Boop!

Elder Archuleta

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

There are videos but I cant send them... I'll just show them when I get home. Went to KFC. Found a peanut butter KitKat... cools stuffs.. 

Beach view