Sunday, May 24, 2015

219 Days

Hello to everyone who reads this!

Well this week has been hot. Like for reals hot. But it's all good, I'm continuing my tan! :D 

Well, like last week, not a whole lot has happened. We went looking for a new house because we don't even live in our area... And hopefully the house we found will be our apartment because it's almost in the middle of the area and it's actually a really nice house. Like really nice. 

So everyone here has been thinking I'm fat because all of my shirts are too big... So the other day I wore my shirt I had fitted and everyone was like "Wait what? I thought you were fat...." I had a good laugh. 

That's about it for my email... I have some pictures to send though.. So yay! :D

So I cooked food the other day.... It was sooooooo good. So the first two are of what I cooked, the third one is Dinuguan (not 100% on the spelling, but it's the blood thingy... It does have meat with it, as seen in the picture) and I went on exchanges and WE FOUND A TREE HOUSE!!! :D I didn't go up though. It didn't look stable. or strong enough. But it was cool. :D

Peace out peeps

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

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