Sunday, October 25, 2015


Hello there people I email! :D And for those who read this. There is a story behind the name of this email, I'll explain it later. 

So this past week was kind of the same as always. Work.. Rain... Work... Rain.. I think you get the picture. :D

Speaking of pictures, I have some. 

So about the email. Everyone here was talking about bumbas (a pump... Like for wells and shtuff) Also everyone else here is like either barely over a year or brand new. I'm old. 

I will send pictures seperately. With the stories.


Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

1. A mountain-top view of Isabela. 

2. A pig that was totally just chillin with the cute little baby puppies... And then laying on them too.

3. I named this one Kevin, the white one is Tammy-Lynn, the dark-brown one is Steven and the last one is either Kyle or George. I forgot. 

4. This fruit is called BABANA. (yes, babana.) It's kind of sour, but it's really good tasting and like my 2nd favorite. 

1. An Isabela view of the mountain I was on (the one on the right)

2. Went on exchanges with Aguisan Elders. It rained so hard that the Book of Mormon, my planner, and all the pamphlets I had got destroyed. But we had fun anyways. 

3. Baptism! :D It was awesome. Literally 6 people were at the baptism. 6. Including us. :D


5. You can't really tell but the sun was like super neon orange yesterday (sunday) for like 7 minutes. 

This is the 10,000 picture on my camera. :D 

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