Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This email should have been sent on Monday but somehow it's Tuesday...

My companion got transferred so we were in Bacolod. But then they also tell me "Oh hey Elder Archuleta you're going to be a trainer." To which I said "¿AGAIN?!?!?!!!!!!?" To which a rather random and not relevant story ensued. (WOW big word...)

Well currently I am "assigned" to Murcia. It's part of one of the Bacolod Zones, so I'm just kickin it here till Thursday. Then I will be heading back to Isabela. Again. 

Well I really don't have much news about travel right now, But I will be in the office tomorrow working on some papers I need to get filled out. So I'll kick butts and take names... I mean I'll ask the office. :D 

I don't have anything else to say either. I will send pictures though! :D 

¿ <- this thing is cool. It's not used here. I just remember that they exist.  

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

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