Monday, November 9, 2015

7 of these things left...

Hello to all who read this and enjoy pistachios. Yes, that second one is required. No, I don't have any pistachios here, I really just want some. 

SO TODAY IS OFFICIALLY MONDAY. Which means I email home. So yea, here it is! :D

Well, I'm training again. My (3rd) trainee is from Bulakan, Philippines. Up north. Since he's like cool and speaks super Tagalog. :D Oh and his name is Elder Dela Cruz. He's kinda quiet, but I think it's just because he's new. I was the same way at first! 

So as stated previously, I have 7 weeks left. It's kinda really weird. Like I don't wanna accept it but I really don't have a choice either. but I'm excited. :D I'm officially the oldest (in terms of length) missionary here! So from now on Imma call myself Papa Archy... 

... On second thought, I will reconsider the name and think of something better. 

It's really hot today. And like the past week. Like I'm getting super bad tan lines from it. I will be working on that though. #DapatGwapo

Well, I think that's really about it. I already sent off pictures, so I'm clear there....


So I really will be leaving on the 30th. But with how traveling works and logic and what not's I'll probably be back on the U.S of A like on New Years or something. I don't really know much. Next week I think I'll be going in to get my exit x-ray taken and probably get my suit fitted. And stuffs. But when I get home, schedule is as follows:
Part 1: After Getting Off the Plane
1. Hug everyone and say Hi. 
2. Converse with people while we travel to the car.
Part 2: The part AFTER part 1.
3. We pick up In-N-out on the way home, and I get a double-double with fries and a strawberry shake AND a Dr. Pepper. 
Part 3: The most crucial part and the key to this plan
4. When we get home I will more than likely need to go to the bathroom, which I then will. 
5. Depending to the time of President Perez, I will be released as soon as possible.
Part 4: A New Hope (there is a pun here...)
6. Upon returning home, I will shower, change, and basically fall asleep wherever I lay down, no matter what time it is. Preferably somewhere hot (i.e the Fireplace).
7. PARTY!!!!!!!!

This schedule is subject to change if I think of anything different/cooler. Any resemblances to persons, whether dead or alive, is merely coincidental. This email is known to the state of California to cause cancer. You have the right to an attorney. Why you would need one, however, I do not know. I was just saying you have the right to such. If you sneezed during this email, bless you. Peace off. 

Papa Archy OUT! 

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

Cake. It was good. Even though it cost me a ton. $$$


You can't really tell, but this is a wall. And Stairs. Stalls? Wairs? Something like that. 

Chicks! Like little baby chickens... Calm down people.. They like dye them colors here. Which is awesome and weird.

Philippines Graveyard

A mountain on a mountain. 

So this is how the cake done turned out. It kinda burnt on the sides but it was still edible.

Me wondering if I really am still just 12

Me realizing I'm not, but I'm actually 21. (and this was after my 5 minute rant of thinking mom sent the wrong numbers.) 

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