Monday, November 16, 2015

6 of these left.

I also have 44 days left, 2 suports left, 0 new areas, and 0 new companions. #SoThisIsWhatItFeelsLike

So my letter this week will be rather short due to the circumstances. However, it has been a good week. Elder Dela Cruz and I have been working hard. Elder Dela Cruz has been trying to learn Ilonggo while I've been dying to remember my Tagalog. Also, random rant, I think our cell phone is broke. It randomly turns itself and dies whenever I call someone... So basically its broke and wont let me fix it. #Technology #IThoughtNokiasDidn'tBreak. 

I also don't have pictures this week. Partially because (well technically 100%) the computers here arent able to use usb... Its a Filipino thing. #ElderCookGetsIt 

Well, this week I will try to work on pictures. and getting stories to tell. It's my last six weeks, gotta make it AWESOME!


I forgot what I was gonna say so never mind.

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

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