Monday, November 30, 2015


So this past week has been kinda slow since Dad and I are the same! (for everyone else that doesn't know, my dad's been sick) And also this place I'm at is full of teenagers being loud and swearing so I think today I'll keep it short so I can get out of here. #IStillKnowWhatYou'reAllSaying #AngKulitNinyo

So this past week has been slow. Like I said earlier. I've been feeling not too well, but it's what they call the last trials. Apparently the going home missionaries always get sick. Even this elder with 30 days left. #30

Well I really don't have much to say, other than yes mom I am driving home. :D (She said I'm not allowed to since "[I] haven't driven in years. Literally." It's like she thinks I forgot how to drive or something. I'd understand if I had been driving here, but I haven't touched a steering wheel in 2 years. And the other requirement is that I have to "drive without harm to others." Which with mom.... She didn't like how I drove BEFORE I EVEN LEFT. #NotFair #IWantToDrive #I'mStillLegallyLicensedToTheStateOfCalifornia #IDon'tCauseCancer) 

I don't have a lot of pictures because I've been taking videos! So yea. Stuff. But I actually do have pictures though. I'll send them separate.

I love you all and will be seeing most of you soon. :D But I Still love you all equally. :D

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

Pictures of shtuffs

I take that back. My card reader is broken. Again. #WHYME

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