Friday, December 5, 2014

Everything is fun here!!

Hello! SO the computer I'm currently at is RIDICULOUSLY slow, so this may or may not be relatively short to save my sanity. :D

So This week has been okay. Not a whole lot happened, just baptized a few more peeps... The usual stuff. :D Not a whole lot has been happening, but then again it is only the 1st of December... So we will see.

Other than that, I think that's about all I have for this week. Bu I do have a surprise! I did borrow someones camera for the weekend, SO I HAVE PICTURES!!!! :D I will be getting those out soon. 

Have you received your packages yet?
Not yet. We have Zone Training on Wednesday, so if it's here, I'll get it then.
Tell us something that's fun.
Fun? I work all day every day! But in the PHILIPPINES! Everything is fun here.
How is the work coming along?
The work? I kind of feel like it's leveled out a bit. IT doesn't get exciting or exhausting anymore... It's kind of the same. But that's what I get for finally getting to just halfway. 
Do you have a funny story?
Funny story? Earlier I saw a 90 year old lady pull a knife out of no where, scream like crazy, then put it away and acted like nothing happened. Old people.. :D 
Share a spiritual experience.
Spiritual... Well this week We've been working with a few members, one about to leave for his mission, and the other just got back not too long ago. It's kind of cool to see how much things change... Even though there really is no change. From what I've come to understand in the mission so far, your understanding increases. So you're still the same person, you just understand more. Not sure if that counts.. but I think it does. Other than that, that's about all that's happened to me this week.

I will be emailing the pictures in a bit. I love you all!

Elder Archuleta

So the computer won't read my card... It's very frustrating. I will see if I can move to a different computer or something.   And then there was nothing.  Sad face.  :(

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