Thursday, April 2, 2015


Dearest peeps,

Well, this week has been the same as usual. Not a whole lot to
report... But I will try to give a day-to-day kind of thing...

MONDAY: Last P-day. I did what I usually do.

Tuesday: Tried to get to some parts of my area that we don't go to
that often... Got a few lessons in.. Worked on the tan while we
walked... Or at least tried to get rid of the tan lines from my

WEDNESDAY: Went to Bacolod for follow-up training. Spent most of the
day there. Was with Elder Cicon, who is also from California... We had
some fun... Probably too much.

THURSDAY: Came home from Kabankalan. Couldnt make it home in time so
we slept in Kabankalan. Went straight to work... Cloudy day but still
hotter than anything.

FRIDAY: Went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders again. Interviewed for
them so that they could have a baptism on Saturday. Spent most of the
day walking and speaking Cebuano to the Zone Leader (Elder Torres).

SATURDAY: Still worked in the ZL's area in the morning. Baptism was in
the afternoon, then later at night we had a priesthood activity.

SUNDAY: Waited and waited and WAITED for our investigators to show
up.... AND THEY DID!! Which was weird, because one was someone we had
met on Saturday... But she really liked it. I think I might be able to
baptize her before I get transferred.

EARLIER: Woke up to a brown out. Our neighbor is building a 2 story
house, so I'm sure they shut it off to do electrical work and stuffs.
Cleaned up and organized the apartment... then eventually made it to
the computer place. Internet is super slow.... So I'm getting a really
good lesson on patience.

I have pictures to send so I will get on those right quick.

Peace to all

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

Peace off from the *FUTURE*,

Tried to send these earlier but the computer didn't like me... So here we go (hopefully)

Elder Cicon and I were in Bacolod and this is what we saw and/or did... Pictures should be self explanatory.   

I think these two California boys had fun in Bacolod...notice the "California orange cheddar cheese" haha

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