Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dear Family

Well this week was kind of weird. I guess you work too hard when you completely forget it's Easter... But other than that it's been rather okay. Last year I think I said that they celebrate Easter here for the whole week, which is really cool. But it made it hard because some people leave and go places... So we had a few days of literally having no one to teach. But we did find some new people and we did teach... actually quite a lot. (We did better than the Zone Leaders...) But other than that, I'll just do what I did last week again:

MONDAY: P-day, as usual. But Support hadn't come in yet so P-day was slightly rescheduled. 

TUESDAY: District meeting. Then we actually had members work with us! :D

WEDNESDAY: P-day part 2. Support was in so we went grocery shopping. Tried to do some finding as well. No one. 

THURSDAY: Again. No one. Did find 1 new investigator.

FRIDAY: BOOM. MEMBERS AGAIN! Many people taught.

SATURDAY: No baptism. Many more lessons taught.

SUNDAY: Went LA finding. Actually found 3 new investigators! Not a whole lot of lessons, just really random rain. It was like the rain in Hawaii... except when it was raining it was RAINING HARD. Then it stops. Then torrential downpour again... It was fun.  

Well, I have some pictures to send, reporting to do, peeps to teach. Hopefully everyone is doing okay back home. Things are the same as usual here... I've been here in this area for about 6 months now... So I think I'll be transferring. But next week will be good, there should be baptisms and stuff. I'll start working about being better about my emails. It just gets hard being a Senior-Trainer-District Leader- missionary. But I'll do better about the emailing thingy. 

Peace out everyone! 

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

My shoes... The left one has a hole in it... Like you can stick a finger through it....

Drawing Elder Ferrer and I made... He drew, I colored... :D

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