Monday, October 6, 2014

This week has been....Well...Another week! :D

Dearest Mother,

So Gibby got his braces off? He looks really weird. Like really really really weird. Serioiusly...

So this week has been yet another week here in the Philippines (as stated in the title of the email.)

We've been working really hard trying to get our investigators to progress. Hardly any of them come to church or even read the book of mormon. IF ONLY THEY WOULD READ IT THE WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH ANYTHING. One thing that I've learned is that the book of mormon is the missionary that is always there- it teaches, helps, and commits you to do things! :D But like no one reads it, which is frustrating. BUT ON THE GOOD SIDE WE "MAKE" THEM READ IT! :D Caps lock..

So for other things, I don't know what to say. Oh wait, mom asked questions.. Now I have to find them and answer them...

Mom:  Did you get your birthday package yet?
So yes I did get the package, and I'm sorry to say I did open it. I thought maybe you had sent the other camera so I was looking for that. BUT I haven't eaten anything yet... Except like a handful of pumpkins. Tell Austin he really does owe me... Those were mine. :D

Mom:  Tell me something spiritual that happened this week.
This week has just been super tiring. I don't really have much to say.

Mom:  Tell me something funny that happened this week.
We have an investigator trying to learn english, and its pretty funny listening to her talk. She starts in English and ends in Ilonggo, or the other way around. Like last night we were visiting her and her friend (a recent convert) and she yelled at her becuse we asked her a question but wasn't listening. So she said (and I quote) "It because you didn't mati-mati!! D:< (she didn't say that face, but that's what it looked like.) translation: It's because you didn't listen to them! D:<

Mom:  Tell me something new this week.
Something new? Pft. I live in the Philippines. There's nothing normal here. Or weird. You have to come see it. It's just too hard to explain.

Mom:  Tell me ANYTHING, you know I loves to knows stuffs.
Anything? I have some random blonde hairs on my arms from always being out in the sun... And also here, tan lines are called "white-lines." Love it. We live in a small-ish house, but next month we'll be moving in with the other Elders (the contract to that apartment ends next month.)

Mom:  What has the weather been like?
Weather.  :D (oh yes, he is a smart-Alec..pun intended)

Mom:  Laundry?
Laundry. I have to do my laundry again! D: I forget how labourus it is. I hope thats a word in english.. 
Mom:  Have you found me a nativity yet?  Extra monies in your account for this to be purchased and sent home.
Not yet. I think they'll come out closer to Christmas, it is only October. THE SEARCH CONTINUES! :D

Mom:  Have you had any more of your clothes altered?
Not yet. I'm trying to find a member who can do it for me (preferrably a less active so they can start to become active again.)
Mom:  where is your companion from?
Pangasinan. It's just south of Baguio, which is south of Manila. So it's south of Manila. 

Mom:  Tell me about him, his family, etc.
He's actually almost as tall as I am. He's the only member in his family. He doesn't talk about it much. 

Mom:  does he speak English?
Yep. He's actually pretty good at it too. When you are companions with a Filipino, youhave to speak English to them. It's cool, i guess it's so you don't completely lose it :D

Mom:  I love you and miss your face!
I don't miss my face. I hate it right now cuz I HAVE TO SHAVE TWICE A DAY NOW D: Manly problems..

Mom:  I saw on Presidents Facebook page that Elder Cano went home along with a bunch of people.  I bet it's bittersweet to leave.  Glad to go home but sad to leave the people of the Philippines.
Yea he went home. It was sad. Everyone asks me who my trainer is and where he is right now, and when you finish your mission your considered "dead" (I really don't know why)

Other than that I will b getting some pictures sent to you peeps.

Peace off

Elder Archuleta

Dear Dad,

We get to watch conference this weekend, so don't ruin anything for me! 
Awesome, mom said the same thing too. (Great messages given in General Conference.)

Dad:  One big event is Utah Utes football did beat UCLA yesterday. I can't tease brother Fear or sister Jonutz for two more years until Utah plays BYU again.
Why two years? What did BYU do? Or Utah? 

Dad:  I transferred more money in your account so you don't need to check your balance. Please look for nativity scene for mom when you have time.
Awesome! I will be looking for one for mom. I haven't seen one yet. 

Dad:  what is your area called?
SO my area is called Hinigaran. It's kind of like my last area, except this one is actually a beach. :D Although we don't go there often. I will try to get pictures soon. I might buy a camera just so I have pictures. 

Dad:  How is the work going in your new area?
It's the same. I've been super tired but I kept going anyways. 

Dad:  Have you had any new experiences out in the mission field?
Not really. I'm finally starting to be one of the OLD missionares! :D It's cool. There are 2 Elders being trained right now and I feel like a super old and wise grandpa because I always share wisdom to them and help them with the language. I go on echanges with them in the next couple of weeks.
Dad:  Do you carry your passport with you at all times?
No, the mission office holds it so nothing happens to it (ex. gets lost, destroyed, ruined, dirty, misplaced, etc. etc.)

 I love you all. I hope you all remember who you all are and what you stand for being a member of this church. (Now why does that sound familiar...?

Elder Archuleta

PICTURES FINALLY!!!  Thank You Elder Agbuya!

Yay baptism! :D 
Mom:  Your tie is Hecka short in this picture, what's up with that? ;)
Elder A.:  I tied it wrong.  :D

This is called "Dorian." It is the SMELLIEST fruit I have ever smelt. But it is one of the best tasting fruits I've ever eaten too. Worth it. 
Mom:  If it smells, how can you eat it?  It doesn't look very yummy.
Elder A.:  You don't breathe thorugh your nose. It really is super tasty.

This is with one of our favorite members and less actives (the young girls are the less-actives) 

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