Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Areas, 5 Companions...Guess what happened?

Hello Archuleta Family!

So I will start off this week with apologies. Last week I [slightly] chastised mom about transfers... And guess what happened? Yep. Transferred. I'm not even halfway done and I've had 5 areas and 5 companions. Woo! Currently I am in Hinigaran, Binabagan zone. My companion is Elder Agbuya, and he (yet again) is the District leader. I finally learned that for your first year you stay as a junior, but once you hit your year mark, thats when you start becoming DL, or ZL, or (my dream) AP. 

So we did have a baptism on Saturday, which was good. I will get the picture from Elder Agbuya in a little bit. 

Answers to questions:
No I haven't gotten it yet.  (His Birthday package.)

I sent my camera home. I found out it was actually cheaper to send it home instead of getting it fixed. 

Sending the camera home and transfers. Woo. Missionary life.  (What did you take out all that money for?)

Things I want.. Laffy taffy. especially the yellow, green, blue, and pink. The purple one is okay, but I won't eat it (my companion will!) Other candy is accepted as well. And snacks. :D. (Christmas package ideas since President Lopez has strict rules regarding Christmas packages.  Please note his letter below.)

We watch it like a week later. The church records it and distributes videos. Yay conference!

That's about all I got for now. A new area and all makes things boring. not much has happened. 

Elder Archuleta

President Lopez' Christmas Package Guidelines:

Include items that are only appropriate for missionaries.  Do not send any kind of toys (including stuffed toys and board games), CD's, MP3's, books (they only read Preach My Gospel and scriptures), Christmas decorations, party supplies, banners, posters, electronic gadgets (players or speakers), or anything that will not help them accomplish their missionary purpose.  Please do not send gifts for members-we do not want our missionaries to play Santa Claus.  Snacks and treats are always a good idea.  We desire to keep our missionaries fully consecrated to The Lord.  Christmas season is the most difficult time for our missionaries.  Consider these guiding questions:  Will this package make my missionaryremember too much about home and get very homesick?  Will this keep my missionary out of focus of what he/she was called to do?  Will this cause my missionary to want to return home early?  We will not be able to keep track of your package.  Your missionary will be responsible to inform you.  For FEDEX, LBC, DHL, etc.-please use this address:  Philippines Bacolod Mission, Lacson and Galo Streets, Bacolod City, Philippines 6100.  If you use USPO or Philippine Postal Office-Write P.O.Box 660 in the beginning of address.

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