Sunday, September 21, 2014

Good news, and even more good news!!

Maayong aga sa inyo tanan! :D hulat lang... MAAYONG GABI! :D Nalipat ko nga gabi na didto. 

Oh wait, I should probably speak English. Or Tagalog. But you only understand English...

So the good news:
I found a place here that can fix my camera! I'm not sure how much it is, a member is taking it to Bacolod for me (cuz that's where the place is) so I will find out how much it is tomorrow. But the best part is that I can have my camera back by like thursday/friday! :D Hopefully you didn't send the other camera.. If so, I HAVE A BACKUP! :D 

More good news:

WE are finally having baptisms!! This weekend we only have 1, next week isa pa (another), and the week after that IS THE WEDDING AND BAPTISM!! :D Super exciting. 

Even more good news:

I have problems speaking English!! :D The other day one of our investigators asked me to pray in English (because she is learning it) so it took me like almost 5 minutes to pray. It wasn't even complicated, just a simple prayer. It's AWESOME! :D Also, I've really been working on Tagalog. The kids here like to pull pranks on the American missionaries. They'll speak to you in Ilonggo first, then since we can speak it back to them, they speak Tagalog! But now I can speak back to them in Tagalog, and then continue to talk to them in Cebuano! :D It's pretty cool. 

Normal news! Just kidding! Even more good news:

I FINALLY GOT SOME OF MY CLOTHES FITTED!! I only took in 2 shirts, but man I AM SUPER GWAPO! :D Later this week (probably tomorrow) I'll take in a pair of pants and some more shirts. Yay! :D

So I do has something I wants to share sa inyo (to y'alls):
So come Sunday, we were waiting for Brother outside the chapel. we waited, we waited, and guess what? We waited. Until finally Elder Suarez says that it's time to start. I was like (I'll translate so it's easier) "No! Not yet! I know he's coming!"

So we head inside anyways, and 20 minutes later, HE WALKS THROUGH THE DOOR. Right before sacrament started. We were singing probably the BEST hymn at that time. Hymn #193. Boom. I literally started to almost cry. It was awesome. 

So now I absolutely cannot give up on brother. We're going to keep helping him so he can baptize his daughter. It will be AWESOME! :D

Well, That's about it. I think Elder Suarez has some pictures I can snag. In the mean time, Missionary stuffs! :D

Elder Archuleta

So anyways, California is on fire again? You can borrow our rain, I'm officially sick of rain for now. It makes people (especially investigators) disappear. 

Birthday package?! I almost want to know what is inside.. But I feel that would ruin the surprise. So what's inside? :D

Picture: compliments of Elder Suarez!

Dad's Email:

This week has been a wonderful week. I shared in my email to mom what happened this week. That was a HUGE testimony builder. I absolutely love this work. I get to be in the place of the Savior. When I saw brother walkinto the chapel, I saw him as the Savior does. It was just.. I can't find words to explain it. It was just amazing. 

What are Jake and Jack's totals so far? How many wins/losses? What is Austin up to? How is Sam? I miss my puppy...

So like I said to mom, later this week I'll get my camera fixed. I will find out tomorrow how much it will be, So I'll probably withdraw from my card. I withdrew last week because support was late and I paid the member who fitted my shirts. I have like 1000 pesos left from what I withdrew, So it depends on how much it will cost. 

How is the PMG studying going? Last time I emailed about it, I suggested a few chapters. After thinking about it, the whole thing should be studied. It will better help the YM. And the YW too, I'm not sure about them though. 

Other than that, I'm doing good. I'm fluent in the language, So I can focus on learning Tagalog and Cebuano, mostly Tagalog. I'm getting pretty tan, I don't think I have any more weight to lose. It's just all becoming muscle now, especially the calves. I'll probably have calves like Grandpa Archuleta when I get home. 

Other than that (again), I think that's all I have for the week. 

Elder Archuleta


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