Monday, September 15, 2014

Good news and bad news...

Dearest Family Peeps,

Woo! I am so grateful for umbrellas! :D It has been raining like crazy the past couple of weeks, which is a bitter-sweet thing. The rain keeps it cool, but the lack of sun is making me white again... D: As of right now it's cloudy. Hopefully it won't rain. 

We've got baptisms coming up AND A WEDDING!!! :D Some of our investigators are getting married! Then they're getting baptized right after!! :D Super super exciting! Also I finally found a member who can re-size all of my clothes for me! Woo! I can finally stop looking like a "deflated balloon" :D 

But now the bad news..
So somehow in the grand scheme off all things, a rather misfortunate event has occurred to me in this past week. (Why does that seem familiar...)
So after we had come home from a hard day of work, Elder Suarez and I were going to close the day out and plan for tomorrow (because that's what you do at night when you go home) and I was taking things out of my bag (it was a little wet so I was going to let it dry out) my camera got knocked off my desk. I wasn't too worried, since it was drop proof. But when it fell it made a popping sound, so I picked it up and looked at it. THERE WAS A SCRATCH! D: But nothing was broken, so I moved on. Later that night I was like "Oh, I needs to take a picture of this (To be honest I forget what it was)!" So boom, I go to use the camera, and I get this: 

I literally started to scream at it (I'll use the exact wording so it's more fun)
"Aye! Ano Ginahimo mo?!? Ginhambal ta ka nga pwede ka maguba?! Indi! So Ngaa naguba ka haw? Palagpat gid ka! Abi ko drop proof ka! Butigon god ka..."
"Hey! What did you do?!? Did I say you could break?! No! So why did you break? You are ridiculous! I thought you were drop proof! You're a liar..."

I'm still mad at it. And sad. After I was done screaming at an inanimate object it was like "Your camera is broken." I almost started to cry. I love this little camera... So I turned it off and put it in its case and put it in a safe spot so it won't break more. :( I don't know what to do. I think I'll send it home to get it fixed or replaced. Until then I will also try to find a cheap replacement until then. :(

But there is more good news, I was able to take some pictures before that happened, so I will get those to you all.

I loves you all


That's it for now

Elder Archuleta

Dear dad,

I'm sure you've heard the news from mom by now. If not, the screen on my camera broke. I will be looking for a replacement and sending my other one home in the meantime. 

17 deacons? In my ward there are 2. One is technically a teacher, he just hasn't been ordained to teacher yet. 

Last sunday we had 59 people in attendance.
They don't have it here. They talk about having stuff like that, but they never do it. (Mutual and/or Scouts)
Work is work. It's to the point where it's all I know right now.
I have people telling me I am, but I still make mistakes. (Feeling confident with the language)
I will do that while I am looking for a camera.  (Mom wants him to buy her a Nativity)

I've got a lot to do this week.. So I will get to it. Sorry my email is short this week. Next week will be much longer.

I love you
Elder Archuleta

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