Sunday, September 7, 2014

Onward, ever onward...

So this week has been pretty lame to be honest. It has been raining a lot lately (I thought rainy season was earlier in the year...) so all of the people, like literally EVERYONE has been hiding from the rain. So we weren't able to teach that many lessons. Or even see people. I always came home tired and wet (from the puddles), I probably would've given up. But I knew that I couldn't because there are people out there that need my help. So "♪Onward, Ever onward...♫"

So I has good news. THE GLUE WORKED! :D But I still keep that set of scriptures at home. I might bring them to church on Sundays, we will see how that goes.

So last... *counts in head* THURSDAY (I think) Elder Suarez and I woke up early-ish because of the rain. So I was already dead tired as I was getting ready. I grabbed one of my shirts off a hanger to go iron it, but somehow when I got to the iron I was holding the hanger and had left my shirt allllll the way on the other side of the house. Elder Suarez is STILL laughing at me. I am too. :D 

So I worked on taking pictures this week, so I will get those rolling shortly.

Mahal ko kayo! (Tagalog!) 

Elder Archuleta

Unfortunately, the computer he was on kept crashing and we didn't get any pictures. Sad face.

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