Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wa'ay tawo...

Dear family and other people (I think)

Hello! So this week has been really really boring. Elder Suarez and I have had a seriously boring week... We suffered from wa'ay tawo... (No people). It's hard to teach people when they aren't there! That's pretty much all that has happened this week. So Domenick has mono (Or I think that's what he said) so he's been delayed a while, like 3 months I think? I'm not sure, I didn't deal with that :D They spelt her name wrong? It makes sense, it's hard. I cheated and used the Church Directory! :D Go copy and paste! So Christmas actually starts in September and lasts until the end of the year apparently... Or that's what I've been told. But It's literally only September 1 here, so nothing new (I'll just wait till tomorrow...)

How has your week been?
My week has been okay. Nothing hard.

Have you had any amazing or spiritual experiences?  
Just a funny week!

What is something funny that happened?
So yesterday at sacrament our investigator took the sacrament water and put the cup back in it's spot... The deacon had no clue what to do. Also, the investigator is 9 and she is from Manila (like literally just moved here) so I am learning Tagalog! :D And Cebuano, because why not! :D 

Do you eat with members yet?
Nope. Most of the members live in the sisters area. 

How is the membership where you are serving?
It's okay. It's wierd being in a ward again...

New families you are teaching?
not really, just the same ones. They just need to go to church!

I know you have baptisms coming up, or did they already happen?
We have some later this month.

How are your g's?  Time for new ones, or are they okay?
They're good! But if I need new ones, they are SUPER cheap here, so I'l just order them when I need them. :D

What about your socks?
Socks are okay. I think a few ran away, I literally have 7 pairs. 

What was the most useless thing you brought?
To me, the most useless thing that I brought was... I'm not really sure. I'll think about it.

What is something you wish you had brought?
Something I wish I had brought? Nothing. I think? I'll think about that one too.

How are your memory cards?  Where are you with filling those?
Memory cards are okay! I don't think I'll need any. 

So I got the package last friday! :D The SPK actually lasted this time... for a whole 4 days! :D All I need to do now is work on taking pictures. Right now (well, after this email) I'm going to be getting all my baptism pictures printed out! So that's going to be fun. :D 

I think I will end here so I can email my peeps. (Conner and Domenick)

Peace off

Elder Archuleta

Dear Dad,

How are you doing? 
Life is still the same, eat-work-pray-sleep.

How is you new area? Are you still near the beach?
It's hot and yes still the beach, I'll take pictures this week.

Have you talked in Sacrament or done other responsibilities in church?
I talked 2 weeks ago, and sometimes we do the sacrament.

Do you wash your clothes with permethrin or do you use the spray often, are the misquotes bad?
Nope. We pay a member to do our laundry, but I've never used permithrin. I've barely used the mosquito repellent I came with. 

Any new Filipino foods you like?
Nothing new yet, I'll let you know when that happens.

Did you get the last package Mom sent? She put the epoxy glue in the box for your scriptures.
Last Friday, I was so happy when I got it. 

Who is Brother Torgerson? Is he new to the ward or just to the YM? And Brother Melin? I don't know either of them. 

I will be working on pictures this week. I have been so caught up trying to get this area going really really good. We do exchanges with the member like every other day because it makes it easier for us! 

I will let you know how the glue works, and I think we have Zone Conference soon. 

Elder Archuleta


Planners!!  :D

This is called red egg... its just a hard boiled egg really, with purple dye on the outside. Except before they boil it, they let it sit in salt for like 2 weeks then boil it.

Clif bars!  (And proof he's gluing his scriptures like I told him to.)

Elder Suarez and Elder Archuleta 

Sisters baptism!


THIS THING IS GIANT!! Literally like the size of my hand... 

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