Monday, August 18, 2014

Transferred, YET AGAIN!

Dear Mom and family peeps,

This week has been fun. I got transferred YET AGAIN! I'm probably going to stay here for a while. Elder Edem is training, and I'm with another Filipino... again.  So I have met Elder Minson, he is actually pretty funny. Although I don't think I'm going to tell him that YOU stalked him... Cuz that's just weird.  (Before Elder Archuleta left on his mission, we LOVINGLY followed missionaries serving in the Bacolod Mission.  We JOKINGLY called it blog stalking.  Just had to clear that up in case people think I am crazy.  :D. I am not (that) crazy.  Haha) 

What's up with Derek? He should be like brown compared to the rest of them. I'm already like that now. (I sent him a picture of Elder McKeon from his moms Facebook page with his siblings at the airport.) We just got a brand new Elder and Sister last week (also they are starting to go to the Manila MTC) and when I would talk to them I would have to think before I answered them (Meaning he would have to think of the English words.). I really want to train, but according to President Lopez last last week, You can only be a trainer now if you've been a Zone Leader. 

What has been the thing you have learned the most on your mission, as of now?
The one thing I have learned the most on my mission? Hmmmm... Discernment. Teaching according to needs. That kind of stuffs. :D

Do you write in your journal?
I write in my journal, like every other day. I've gotten a lot better at it. 

Who has been writing you?  The same people or different?  
The same people as always: You, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa 
Archuleta, Domenick, Alyssa (oops, forgot to write her back...), thats about it.

Pictures! I want pictures. Speaking of pictures I only have like one or two this week. Elder Suarez wasn't feeling too well so we were dealing with that, but we are all good here :D I don't need anything from home as of now, but things can change :D

Peace off. If you sneezed while reading this email, bless you. 
Elder Archuleta

So the first picture is how I got greeted to the area.. I like it :D The other is guess what, a Baptism! :D

Pictures on President Lopez' Facebook page this week:

Bago Stake Conference Saturday Session.  Elders Cancel, Suarez, Archuleta, Ramones, Wade, Minson and Racaza.

Elder Archuleta with his new companion, Elder Suarez

Where's Elder A.?  He he he

This is their church building.  

Beautifully manicured lawns on the church grounds.

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