Monday, August 11, 2014

Feeling Filipino

Dearest Family,

How are all of you? This week we have been just at work like usual. Nothing really new, I have a LOT of pictures to send, so I will get on those! :D I will also try to answer questions in my email to Dad.

Elder Archuleta

Dear Dad,
He's only 160?  That's not too bad.
Dad wrote: This week was a little busy with scouts, and football.  Jackson had the rain gutter regatta he had fun doing that. Jakob had a scrimmage against Del Oro Thursday he did well. Yesterday we had Jakob football jamboree at Woodland High School. That's where he does his official weigh in for the season and to verify his weight, he came in at 160.5 pounds.  They played against Woodland, Marysville and Yuba City, Jake did well with some great tackles, he sacked the quarter back a couple times, he is a starter on offense at full back and defensive end on defense, he will play a lot this year, he is excited.

Jake & Jack start school in one more week, it will be good for them to go back to school and get into a routine.
It's already almost school time? weird.

Dad:  Are you starting to feel like a Filipino?
I actually do. We have members and Investigators telling us that I'm a Filipino, it's pretty cool. Although my favorite is when they ask Elder Edem if I can speak/understand Ilonggo and I answer them (in complete and pure Ilonggo)! The look on their faces are priceless.

Dad:  Are you still busy teaching investigators?  Anything interesting this week?
Yes. We also have a few extra assignments from president while we are here.

Elder Archuleta 

PICTURES!!  He sent each one with a special name in the subject line.  Subject line is above the picture and underlined, description is below the picture.  I included them because they make me smile and because I miss his sense of humor.  :)

This is the Zone!  :D

more pictures
Went on exchanges with the Zone Leader, Elder Mu (from Australia)

Baptism! :D

The member is wearing Pink (he is super funny) and the little girl is going to be baptized at the end of this month.

Elder Edem and I eating some soup thingy. I really dont know what it is exactly but it is really really good.

Dinner I made.  Yay!!!  :D (What is it? Mom asked). Tortang Talong with my special Adobo :D or for Americans, food with food with a side of food :D

This message has no content.
Mt. Canlaon. Apparently it is rare to see the top, since there are always clouds covering it. 

I ran out of smart-alec names
Hehehe... Outside :D (Mom: Love the sunglasses!) They is awesome, and cheap! :D But I can't wear them whilst proselyting.

Last but not least, in true Elder Awesome style...a totally random picture:

I took a picture of someone taking a picture of me. Perfect timing!

There were also pictures of our Elder on President Lopez' Facebook page.  

Taken after the special sacrament meeting.  President Olivero (La Castellana Branch President) was with us.  There were 32+ people in attendance and 9 investigators came to attend church.

(Looking in the window!)

(I included this one just because he is smiling...even though you can't see him very well.)

Elder Edem (DL) and Elder Archuleta (Moises Padilia Missionaries).

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