Monday, August 25, 2014

This week on the other side of the world..

So this week has been a normal week for us here. I miss being up in the mountains, it was cold there! But I've been getting super tan here, and my area is the BEACH! :D But swimming is not allowed, so it's rather pointless. I can print pictures, so I will be doing that sometime later this week. Other than that nothing much new has happened. We will be leaving here shortly to go to Bago, the main city here in Bago zone. I will get pictures in a second.

Love you all,

Elder Archu-gwapo-leta

Which when I asked him what "gwapo" meant, he replied, "Me! It means handsome, good-looking, that kind of stuffs."  :) 

I have like either 485 days left or 478 days, depending on the new MP!  Which makes it either December 16 or December 23!  

Dear Dad,

How was stake conference? What did President Perez share? Mom accidentally said Lopez in her email to me earlier... Or at least I think it was accidental. I miss being home sometimes, but I know that the harder I work here, the more blessed you all are back home. How are the YM? Are they reading their PMG'S? And agian, I keep forgetting, what position is Jake for O and D?


District Meeting picture.. So If I remember correctly, it's Elder Suarez, Me, Sister Hemi, Sister Zidek, Sister Tampos, and Sister Snow.

Our ward mission leader fell asleep during class, we didn't wake him up until after we took pictures of him.

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