Sunday, October 12, 2014

The last day I can be called a "teen"

Dearest family,

Hello to you all! Woo! Moral Support! :D Sorry, super excited for like nothing. WOO! 

So this past week has been kinda slow. So yea, I did open my package and YAY SNACKS!!! :D There was no feasible way that I would wait for the Doctor Pepper. I have been slowly sipping it every day (tomorrow I will probably end up killing it.. which is sad.) But I have enjoyed the nutter butters and the oreos. I took those to Zone training last week, worth it. We have a few Elders going home soon, and one of them is my first Zone Leader here in the field. Zone Conference is here in my zone, and it's next Monday (hence p-day on Tuesday..) But tomorrow we have district meeting (to which I am bringing my ballons and turn it into district party. :D Woo!)

SO other than that it's just been work as usual. We had to drop an investigator because she wasn't interested. It was hard, she was our strongest investigator too. But the work continues! :D 

So, as per instruction of Austin (which I started doing before he mentioned it), I HAVE WORKED ON MY ENGLISH! :D Just not the accent. Also, When I get home, I figured I will try to teach Zoe how to speak Ilonggo or something so that way I have someone to speak it to, and since I'm NOT going to be like every returned missionary and get married right away. I think I'm gonna go to school and shtuffs first. But who knows? Sometimes it's like "Alright me, when we get home FLIRT WITH THE HOTTEST ONE YOU SEE." and other days it's "Pft. Women. Complications. That's hard." So we will see. 

I will be working on pictures in a second. I had some taken by various peeps in the zone. Woo! 

Loves to you all! 

Elder Archuleta

Mom:  Did you open the Twinkies?
Elder Archuleta:  I ate one. I laughed the entire time though and kept calling it Kevin. I have issues...
(His "cake" for his birthday was a box of Twinkies that were made into Minionaries.)


Elder Archuleta's birthday box!

The Zone

A sign I saw the other day.

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