Sunday, December 20, 2015


Well this week will be short and awesome... Hopefully.


So hello to all who read this!
I just got an email from the office about the phonecall home thing! I
still get to do it! Even though I'll be seeing you all like 5 days
later anyways, it woud be rather pointless. But I'll do it so Mom
won't cry. :D But I can call on the 24th until the 26th my time, so
the 23rd to the 25th your time.

ELDER COOK i felt like screaming your name again. Saan pamunta yung
mga flights mo? Alam mo ba yan?

But this past week has been kind of slow. Nothing is really happening
anymore and my body is likle 60% recovered from various illnesses that
randomly befall me. I'm not even sure if i spelled that right or am
even using it correctly. BASTA!

Isang support nalang bukas! WHY DO I SPEAK TAGALOG?!? I'M BISAYAN FOR

And Elder Williams. Jimmy.

And for pictures, I have none. I've been focusing on a family we've
been teaching so I really don't think about much else. AND I have sad
news for Mom. Literally all the nativity sets I've found so far are
paper. I even pulled some strings and had other people look for me in
other various places and all they found were paper too. D: #Paper

But on the bright side I'll be seeing (most of) you once again in a
few weeks. Which makes me happy.

*Elder Archuleta*
*Philippines Bacolod Mission*

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