Monday, July 27, 2015

Apologies and the usual weekly letter (July 19, 2015)

So last week was crazy hectic and tiring. I got transferred AGAIN!! D: And also last week the mission asked us all to complete a survey, and being a Zone Leader I had to call every missionary companionship every like 5 minutes and the have the Assistants call me every 2 minutes... It was crazy. I read like maybe 5 emails, I didn't even email President (which I did this time before this email.)

So right now I am in Bata... Which is a part of BACOLOD! :D So I can finally enjoy the city again. I actually live in the neighborhood next to President Barredo... So I may or may not be visited by him randomly. When he got here he said he wanted to come work with the missionaries... So we might be first, since we live like walking distance from the Mission Home. :D

Well I have like a ton of pictures, but the computer I'm sitting at does not allow me to use anything USB. :( I will see if I can move or something, I actually have quite a bit of pictures to send. 

I actually have something to request... It's really random. 2 bags of the super huge marshmallows. It's a really long story, but long story short- it's a gift to a member. :D 

But that's about it for now... I will see what I can do for pictures. I am running on about 40% mental capacity right now. Zone Leader life is hard but AWESOME! :D

Elder Archuleta 
Philippines Bacolod Mission

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