Friday, February 7, 2014

Another Shot and Another David Story

I got my scriptures, and thank you for sending them packages. I'm down to a couple of clif bars and the dried pineapples.

So yesterday, I went to go to the bathroom, and as i walk in there's an elder walking out. I see him look at my name tag, so i'm like "great, here we go again...." except this time, instead of "ARE YOU RELATED TO DAVID?!?!" I got "ARE YOU DAVID ARCHULETA?!?!?! I'VE HEARD OF YOU!!" Which totally threw me off guard. It was random and im like "No, and im not related either i think" and i was like trying to walk past him because at this point i was moments away from having my bladder 'splode. It was pretty cool though. 

So i read your letter bout that "poo-splosion" Zoe had... Seems like quite an event. about the DS and Laptop charger, my charger is either near your craft area plugged into the power strip or behing the small green couch (for the DS) and my laptop charger is either plugged in under my desk or under the pink (red) thing downstairs. And no, Jack cannot have my password so he can play minecraft. You can go to and download it there. It'll download as a ".jar" extension, so you have to right click it (after you save it to the desktop), go to like preferences or something (its either the first tab or the second one) and mark "Allow exectution as a program" or whatever it says. then just double click the .jar file and it should work. Just so you know, i did try to switch back to windows but it didn't work... I think I told you that. Its sad though, the computers here at the MTC are better than my laptop (but then again its a desktop so it'll always be better). I have pictures of my zone... We'll technically I don't have them but someone from my zone does, I'll get them to you probably later today, my companion and i did inititories today and we were done like 2 hours before everyone else. And also, I had to get a shot yesterday because my TDAP wasn't 5 years ago (according to the church all shots have to be within 5 years) so i had to pay for it, both literally and physically. I will be sending home a reimbursement form probably today so i can get my $43 back (I used my 50... it was so sad watching it go...)

One last thing. Did you call the bank and tell them about me leaving the US and all that jazz? I don't really have access to a phone so....... yea :D 

Elder Archuleta

PS i dont need gloves or a hat. Also:  Guess what? If you're able to see the MTC devotionals, watch the one from January 26. You should see me. It's also a good devo. And on the schedule, if you see DDR, it DOES NOT mean you get to play DDR. It's a "District Devotional Review."

                                                              Shouldn't this say HAN in front of SOLO?
                                                        Everyone in my Zone

                                                        Zone Picture
                                             The Residence Hall where I reside...(how would we know that since this is obviously Elder Christensen, not Elder Archuleta.  I told Alec to send these pictures to Sister Christensen since they have HER SON IN THEM and not mine.  hee hee)

He had no description for this picture either...but yet another one that Elder Christensen's mother would enjoy. 

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