Saturday, February 8, 2014

To my siblings..

Lets start out with Gibby:

Dear Rainbow Trout,

Thanks for the letter. Calm down on the PS3, Go read or something!
It's good for you! Just don't spend all day inside, its not worth it. Be the nice bigger brother to Jackson, even though I wasn't the best older brother to you.

Your older brother,
Elder Archuleta

Now for Deuce:

Dear Deuce,

Stop asking Mom a million and a half questions. If you want to ask me something, write it down and then email me. I can write back on P-day (every Friday while I'm here in the MTC). It's a lot of fun here, you can learn a lot. I haven't told mom yet but I barely speak English now... When i want to. After just three days of being here (this next part is for everyone) I could pray and bear a simple testimony in my language. Now I can say random things in 2 languages! (My french came back somehow.... so I either randomly shout out Hilagaynon words or French words... And french doesn't help at all). My language sounds a LOT like Spanish, so whenever the Spanish speaking missionaries walk by they think I'm speaking Spanish. It's cold here. I sent mom pictures of snow angels, or snow elders as I called them.

Be a good little brother. Mom told me you're doing my groaning thing. Let me tell you something I learned when I got here. You know Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel? If not, I'm smacking you in 2 years. In any situation, you can either be Nephi, or L&L. Nephi's will go and do the things they're told to do, and they do it with a smile. L&L's groan and complain, and even though they do eventually get the job done, they don't receive as many blessings, if they get any at all. Just keep that in mind, And share that story with Jake too. You may be the youngest, but even you can set the example. Help out mom, she's gonna go cray-cray without help these next 2 years.

Your older brother,
Elder Archuleta

Also, I have a few things to say about the MTC:

1. Mom, when a toilet flushes and you're in the shower, don't get out. It's cold. The water doesn't get any hotter.
2. When you swipe your card to get in a door, if it blinks red- swipe your card the other way. If it's still red, you're not allowed to be there. (Didn't happen to me, but that's what the MTC presidency says I think.)
3. When choosing a door, CHOOSE THE RIGHT. The door on the right always unlocks for sure. 
4. Every Wednesday at lunch (and sometimes dinner), and Sundays at Dinner (and possibly lunch), ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! You can only take 1 bowl at a time, but you can keep coming back. 
5. If someone tells you 33, it means that you're being accused of flirting. (Not like it's happened.....)
6. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR CHURCH CLOTHES IN BUILDING 1M AND ALL DEVOTIONALS. You will be "escorted out" if you aren't.

I have to show you something, since I'm not sure if you can watch the devotionals.

So all the elders in my zone tried out for a vocal performance, and everyone else can sing except me. So I was FORCED to go with them, and this is what i get:

We might not do it because we had an Elder go home for personal reasons, But either way I don't like this AT ALL. I blame our last name...

Here are the pictures we received from Elder Archuleta this week...

Elder Snow Angel (complete with an Elder Archuleta name tag)

Here is Elder Christensen next to the statue!

Here I is next to the statue!

This is the plaque about the statue.

Panorama of my classroom with the two sisters in it.

This is out front of the MTC with the mountains in the background.

Elder Christensen and I on our way to check the laundry.

Here is like 1/3 of the laundry's super loud.


Here is the carpet! Why? Because!  (If you know Alec, this is so him...)

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