Saturday, February 22, 2014

Leaving, on a jet plane....

What a pleasant surprise to receive an email from our Elder this evening!  We got his flight information and found out he is leaving Monday morning.  We thought he was leaving on Wednesday.  Hopefully we will get to hear from him on Monday from the airport!  I was able to get a few questions answered too!

If you get the chance, please write down the answers to these questions and mail it to me before you leave.  Even if you have to do it while in the airport or on the plane to San Francisco.

1.  How did your singing go?
    You did sing right?

2.  Will you be traveling with anyone to the Philippines?

3.  What are the sisters names?

4.  Where are they going?

5.  Are you ready to get to the Philippines?

6.  Are you feeling confident about the language?

7.  Who is Elder Cook?
    Where is he going?

8.  If everyone left, who are your new roommates?

I love you sooo much.  Call my cell first, unless you can't remember that, then call the house.

Love, Mom

1. It was dreadful. Apparently it went good, but I was freaking out the ENTIRE time. 

2. Yes, Sister Davenport (one of the sisters from my class) and all of the Tagalog Elders.
3. The new ones? or the Current ones?
4. Cebu
5. I was ready 3 weeks ago.
6. Maybe.... I'm afraid to leave the cities. They speak english there.
7. He is my new friend and he is going to Baguio (pronounced bag-e-o)
9. Elder Ika and Elder Nelson. (They're going to Cebu-east)

Ok so I might have a problem. The post office thing is closed as of now and there's no mail tomorrow, and I leave at 4:30 in the morning. 

Also, Here is the flight plan:

SLC 8:35am to SF 9:55am
SF 12:00pm to NRT (Tokyo) 4:50pm
NRT 6:45 to MN (Manila) 10:50pm

Then like a month later I fly to Hong Kong for like passport shtuffs

Emails back and forth again...I put these in here for me to remember, sorry if they make no sense.  :)

You leave Monday morning?

I leave the MTC at 4:30am, but yes, I leave Monday.

What is it you are mailing home?

The letters to people, Utah weather clothes and shtuff.  Oh I was talking about the package you sent I think yesterday.  I don't think I will be able to get it, I will see if I can though.

Oh...crap.  It will be there Monday.  Shoot.  I doubt it will be forwarded.  It has awesome letters from your brothers in there and the luggage tags.  It would have helped me to know you were leaving Monday not Wednesday.  I guess duct tape your luggage and use one if the tags at the airport unless you can buy one in the MTC store.  Ask someone to ship it back to me.  It will be $13.  Did you already send your package home?  What box did you use?  One I sent stuff to you in?

Ok, I will see what I can do.  No, I'm having one of the Elders drop it off for me.

Well, you could have them ship this one back to me too then, no?  I think you might want to take one jacket.  Just in case, you never know.  I am sorry.  Your MTC date said the 26th not the 24th.

I could maybe have this one sent back home.  I don't know about having it sent to me after that.  I am taking one jacket, and I found out like yesterday-ish it was Monday.

I don't think it can be forwarded to you.  It costs a lot of money to send things to the Philippines.  Have it come back home and I will get you the stuff another time.  Give them enough money to ship them both to me and I will put more money in your account.

Sweet, love you mom.

I love you too sweetie.  Thank you for answering my email.  I am glad you are traveling with peeps.  
I was scared you were going be lonely.  Don't forget to put your Multi purpose tool in your checked luggage dad says.

They wouldn't make an Elder fly alone, and I'm with a total of like 12 peeps so I'm good to go. And it never left my bag.

Sorry you won't get the dr peppers and spk...or the tags and letters.  Thank you for letting me know your flight information.  I love you so much.

It's ok. I have clif bars for DAYS and 2 dp's already. Love you

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