Saturday, February 22, 2014

We waited two weeks for this?!?

For reasons unknown to us, sweet Elder Archuleta did not send his Mom an email last week.  This isn't new Alec behavior, but it was the longest two weeks.  We are sure it won't be the last time it happens and this was just preparation for us in the future.  :). We did get a few pictures.  Yay!

His letter:

Captain squidders and his first mate are sick? Hopefully It's not like Hawaii all over again.

I do have my Itinerary thingy, I don't have it on me. But I fly from here to 'Frisco, Then to Tokyo (random), then to Manila. I leave the MTC at 4:30 am, So 3:30 Cali time. I have to get a phone card so I can call from the airport, so HOPEFULLY you peeps are awake at like 6 or 7. Also, I forgot to email last week because things were crazy. I became Zone leader, ALL the other Elders and Sisters left last Monday and we got NEW Elders and Sisters on Wednesday.  i have pictures of both groups... somewhere. I will get them to you sometime soon. 

Elder Archuleta

Glad to know you are alive and okay.  I thought you were the zone leader already.  Makes no sense to me.  Thanks for another short and sweet, sort of, email.  I hope you are better at writing more when you are there.  I miss your funny emails.

Love mom

I forgot I already told you. Oops. I blame the MTC.

This is the old zone before the Elders and Sisters left.

The new peeps.  

My companion before he left.

Getting Vader-ed.

Going Super Sayan...Gibby will find this entertaining.

This is Elder Cook and Elder Archuleta being ninjas.  We have fun in the residence.

More Elder Archuleta ~ Mom emailing back and forth.

How many left?  The new group is all girls...and only one elder from the last group.  Did your companion go?  I need more info!  Two weeks is a long time to catch me up!  Hurry and do that.  :)

All of the Elders and Sisters left from the other districts. The only people that are still the same are me and the 2 Sisters in my class. Its 4 new Sisters and 2 new Elders. 

Stuff has happened in the past 2 weeks. I learned more of the language. I ate food. I slept. It's literally the same thing after week 2.

Did you get my valentines package?  Were the cookies still good to frost? Do you need anything else before I mail your package to you?

I don't think I really need anything. And yea, along with a million and a half clif bars (WHICH WAS AWESOME)

Okay, Dad and I will mail your package today.  I love you!

Love you too.  Is it just the tags?

I have more dr pepper, unless you don't want it.  I also bought you a huge bag of sour patch kids. I thought they would be good for the flight along with a few of your million clif

SEND THE DPS, I NEEDS IT.  also the sour patch kids would be cool.

Okay.  I will send a few dr peppers and the spk with the tags.  

It is exciting to think that our next posts may be of him actually in the Philippines!!!  :)

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