Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elder...Where's your name tag?!?

Dearest Mother,

This week has just been normal, nothing too exciting happened. A few days ago we were coming home from our last appointment, and we were riding a tricycle. Elder Cano and I heard something drop and figured it was something off the tricycle. About a minute later, Elder Cano looks at me and says "Elder... Diin ang name tag mo? (translation: Where's your name tag?)" Then we realized what had fallen. The next day I was wearing my magnetic one (the one I usually wear on P day). We went back out to the area where my name tag had fallen, and decided to walk home for lunch (which took like almost an hour... Not doing that again.) We looked for it and sitting on the side of the road, face up (and totally scratched up) was my name tag! It was cool. I would've taken pictures if my camera wasn't dead. Also, it was RIDICULOUSLY hot when I picked it up. But other than that, that's about the only thing that happened. Also, transfers aren't on Monday. Tuesday is transfer day for Sisters, Wednesday for Elders. 

I will send pictures in a bit, Elder Cano is copying some pictures *cough cough his selfies* 

Elder Awesomeness 

While waiting for pictures...meaning Elder Cano was using his camera...we had some back and forth emails.  Some of the conversation:
Mom:  Did you read my email?  Did you feel the earthquake?  (Last week there was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that was near Negros Occidental, the island Elder Archuleta is on.)
Elder Archuleta:  Yea, it was actually kind of cool. I was laying on my bed just kicking it when it started, and at first I thought Elder Cano was shaking my bed until he started to yell "ELDER IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE!!" (Not in English though) So we sat outside and watched everything shake. It feels weird. Especially after, I felt like I couldn't stand still.
Mom:  How long did it last?
Elder Archuleta:  Maybe 15 seconds.

The rest of our email conversation was about Sour Patch Kids and other things he needs from home.  

District picture

Back Row: Elder Sablan, Elder Martinez, Me, Sister Livingston, Sister Ulusasa (Probably spelled that wrong)
Front row: Elder Cano, Sister Peterson, Sister Rey

This was Elder Cano's blue blanket.. He left in to soak for like a week.. and now its purple and kind of looks like a world map! I think it's kind of cool looking.

My chocolate drank (I only bought it cuz it was ADVENTURE TIME! WOO!)

Letter to Dad:

Dear Dad,

I absolutely love it out here. The people are awesome. Like I said when I Skyped, A lot of our work is less actives. Right now we're a branch, but if we can get 6 Melchizedek Priesthood holders to regularly attend church we can become a ward. 

How was ward conference? I always enjoyed hearing from our stake presidency. 

I saw the pictures, and laughed when mom told me about how she is basically always in your way and knows it. It's going to be weird when I come home, Zoe will actually be able to talk.

You should start having the young men read Preach My Gospel. It has a lot of good stuff in there, and it will help them all prepare for missions! Plus I use it  everyday, and am actually starting to memorize it sort of. One of our points in our mission goals is to become "Preach My Gospel scholars." 

I should be good for money unless I transfer, But I'll try to stick it out for as long as I can if I do

Elder Archuleta 

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