Sunday, May 25, 2014

No Transfers

Oh the short emails we get.  We love hearing from our Elder, no matter how little he has to say.

 Dearest Mother,

So I found out how to change my font color!  Woo!  So nothing new to report this week.  No transfers for me or Elder Cano!  Nothing too exciting has been happening, just a LOT of rain.  There are baptisms this Saturday so we will see who will be the baptizer!

Ok so I thought of a few more things (with the help of Elder Cano)
Sticky notes
Green Microfiber Cloth thing
2 Sharpies
Dried fruit (especially the chili mango things)
2 of the cheesecake things (mmmm....Cheesecake...)

That's pretty much it.  I will be sending pictures soon.

Elder Archuleta

Letter to Dad:

Dear Dad,

It's good seeing the playhouse coming along.  Looks good!  Congratulations to Jack!  When does Gibby start up football?

Have we been to the Memorial Day thing before?  Sounds famliar.

That's all they had to eat?  That's like nothing.  Have them try Eel.  (The Mutual activity for last week was Faith and Fear Factor...they had to eat all kinds of icky things.)

That's about all I have for now, I'll be sending pictures to mom in a second.

Elder Archuleta

And for the best part...PICTURES!

This is Sisig...It is MOST DELICIOUS!!!

Tortang talong...Translated:  Eggplant with stuff (not literally, but that's what it is)

The Cheesecake...We were sad when this was gone.  (This was in the Easter package we sent to them, it was a Jell-O Cheesecake.)

Elder Cano and I taking selfies for days!

Elder Awesomeness's Tag  (It might be the one he lost last week and found on the side of the road.)

Does this look blue to you?  I think my eyes are changing to different colors now...

While that picture may look a little creepy...don't stare at it too amazes me that I have never noticed the rings in his eyes!  They still look green (with a little blue) and brown in the center, but these are most definitely Elder Archuleta's beautiful eyes, ahem eye.

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