Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day and Baptisms

We were surprised to find out that Elder Archuleta was going to be call via Skype on Mother's Day!  As we waited for him to get a headset and camera for the computer he sent us a few pictures.
Baptism of Brother Christensen 

Baptism of Brother Rens

Our call was filled with so much laughter.  We just love Elder Cano, he is so funny and such the perfect first companion for our Elder.  We learned that the language is coming along well for Elder Archuleta, as he spoke to his companion and other Elders in the internet cafe in Illongo.  We got to speak to Elder Morgan from Australia, who told us Elder Archuleta is a "great missionary, he's legendary", and that they would take care of him.  He was so sweet.  We found out transfers are happening this week, but not sure if either Elder Cano or Elder Archuleta would be transferred.  He told us his testimony in Illongo.  He is so happy and loves being a missionary.  No tears were shed from anyone, well, maybe a few tears from laughter.  

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