Monday, November 10, 2014

First official week training

Dear Family,

How is Grandma now? Hopefully she will get better. Prayers to her! 

So this week has been my first official week training. It's actually not as hard as most people make it sound like. I let him be in charge of the area, but other than that it's all on me! Woo! Senior missionaries!  Also I figured out I have these cool things so I WILL USE THESE!  

Woo! Baseball! Finally a sport that ISN'T BASKETBALL. I never really liked basketball, and I still don't. But that is that.  

YAY! That meeting has been planned for like the past 2 weeks. How is Jet? He still hasn't emailed me back. I will send him another. 

YAY CAMERA!  I miss my camera. Hopefully it comes soon. Mission tour is this Thursday, and we are NOT allowed to bring cameras. We will have a photographer though, so expect them on presidents facebook. 

That literally has no meaning. I just wanted to use them :D

My area is up in the mountain. It's called Tapi.
Elder Liquiran. He's from Pangasinan, he goes home in 2 years.
I will send a picture of the house when I get my camera back.
Investigators? Still the same stories. They commit but the don't follow through. 
Funny stories? Not much has happened.
Church? It goes Sacrament, Sunday School, Priesthood. 
Anything? I've started to eat a lot of sugar cane.. It's actually pretty good. 
EVERYTHING?! I don't think that's possible.

Well, that's all I got for this week. I love you all!

Elder Archuleta


What does that mean?  Are you being threatened by a tsunami? 

No. I saw it and thought it would be funny...

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