Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week number 40 something.. lost count

Dear Family, 

So this week has been really interesting.. Let's start with the good news!

So my area is kind of the armpit of our zone... We usually have the lowest numbers, that kind of thing. But this past week we finally we able reached the zone goals (and actually exceeded them a bit too). Not as good as when I taught 90 lessons that one week, but going from 20 lessons (on average) to 59 is an improvement. AND WE HAD A BAPTISM!! 3 to be exact. I was so happy. I absolutely love them (will include picture). Brother was kind of what we call a "palagpat" (puh-lug-put) which means he's basically the same as Jackson... (I forget the English for it, but this word doesn't really translate into English..). When we first met him, he was a little mad and told us that we cannot teach him, but he'll go to church that Sunday. He came to church, went through sacrament and classes, and after church apologized to us and asked us to teach him. Best part, HE'S OUR NEIGHBOR! :D So we can always follow up on him and see how he's doing. He's also one of those converts that you know will stay in the church. Every Sunday he brings a notebook and takes notes during classes, He gave his testimony last fast sunday (he was still an investigator at that time) and when he gave his testimony on his baptism, i think the spirit had a body because you could just feel it and you knew it was the Spirit... It's crazy, his wife (still an investigator) says he's changed so much, and so have their two grandchildren.. But they are my absolute favorite family EVER. 

So other than that I have like a bajillion pictures to send... 

Oh! I forgot! Elder Liquiran got transferred earlier today! And I have a temporary companion now (Elder DeGuzman) because on thursday I'LL BE TRAINING AGAIN! Woo! DLT! (District Leader-Trainer). So hopefully there will be pictures somewhere.. Even if it means I have to take them... We'll see.

Love to you all, be safe and stuffs.

Elder Archuleta

Pictures!!!!  FINALY! (No explanations or commentary on them)

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