Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly letter

Dear Family,

Well finally Elder Liquiran and I have been making progress! We've been struggling lately but now it is finally paying off. usually we get like 10 or 11 member present lessons, but this past week we got 17!! and then there was the 12 other lessons we taught (meaning just the two of us) and then the 18 Recent Convert and Less Active lessons... SO it was a great week. 

So about the package, it still hasn't gotten here. I'm friends with one of the Elders who is in charge of delivering supplies and stuff, so I get an update like every other day. Apparently he's waiting on one too. 

So I think this week I'll keep my letter relatively short, I don't have much else to say. The mission is going through some hard times right now. President Lopez was flown back to the US yesterday to get "medical treatment." So we currently do NOT have a mission president... Kind of freaking out... So please keep President and Sister Lopez in your prayers, as they are in mine.

I will get on pictures so you have some. 

Elder Archuleta

**He never sent any pictures.  Sad face.

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