Sunday, June 7, 2015

4 transfers nalang!

Woo! 4 transfers left! (which roughly equates to 6 months.... 205 days..) 

So there is news to be told and stories to be heard! 

My companion got transferred... And I have a new companion! Well, sort of... Do you remember Elder Agbuya? Well, we are companions again! Didn't realize that was possible.. 

Well, this week we spent a lot of time working. A lot. Especially because Elder Babida was sick, so we tried to make up for it. We ended up getting 37 member presents and 24 new investigators... It was pretty good. 

Well... I really don't know hat else to say. I DO have a LOT of pictures to send, so maybe I'll just get to that.

Peace to all! Read 2 Nephi! 

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

So when Elder got transferred I SAW ELDER GRAVES IN BACOLOD!!
With photo proof.

Who was the other Elder I'm supposed to be looking for? 

I did get to know Elder Brinton (correct spelling of his name!) And he was a really cool elder. And huge... Like a brick wall. 

Giant pizza! :D

Hand for size comparison

Tongue of a pig! XD it tastes like pork anyways... But it was weird. 

Picture I took of a beach.... Best picture ever... 

Flooded road. This happens a lot since my area is the beach again... 

Elder Miranda (an elder in my district, we went on exchanges) getting out the good stuffs from a coconut... So good...

Me and two ward missionaries. We were on member splits. 

We then emailed a little back and forth about Elder L. Tom Perry.  He asked, "how come no one told me an apostle died?"  I had to apologize, after close to 18 months, I still forget he isn't "in the world" and has no contact to the world, except through us.  :)

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