Monday, June 29, 2015

A lot has happened in a little amount of time

Again, just like last week, there is a story to explain said title. 

So last Wednesday the office calls us up and is like "Elders how are you?" and after about 3 minutes of conversation we find out that the contract to that house ended that Wednesday. Luckily I had already found a house a few weeks before and we were already coordinating with the landlord. We were supposed to move on the 1st (this Wednesday) but we had to do it last Wednesday. Yay for finding a house! :D 

So other than that, Elder Agbuya and I have been working our butts off. Literally. I've torn my pant's like 4 times last week (luckily I has more pants) and all the members have been telling me that I've been looking even skinnier. Yay! :D But I need to start working out, because I still have a little bit of a tummy left. 

But we will be having BAPTISMS!! ..On Saturday. 2 to be exact. Hopefully we will have more, we will just have to wait and see. 

Will send pictures in a bit. 

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission


FRENCH TOAST! :D I made it myself. 

A drink that I found... The reason why should be really obvious.

At a members house. They had pigs. 

Our bedroom! There's also a door to the right (you can't see it) but it leads to a bathroom! :D

The kitchen


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